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Vunerable locks on berlingo multispace
Hello all, first post :Smile

I use a berlingo multispace for work duties (property refurbs) and the other night it was broke into and amything of value taken, fustrating in its own right but even more so when i realised how efficiently.they had got in.

Now i wont divulge the exact process of entry obviously but getting through the lock (not the boot, a front lock) seems far too easy, and probably took no more than one swift bash of a screwdriver and hammer in the right location. 

Is there anything that can be upgraded on the factory fit locks to male them inaccessible using basic tools?

Are the lock mechanisms the same on the multispace as on the van? 

Is the drivers side lock any more secure than passenger side? 

Anything else i can consider? im not that fussed how it looks as i abuse the thing day in day out but i dont like the thought of some scumbag having another route around in there using such an easy entry method.
You don't say what year, but on the MkIII if you press the key fob twice it deadlocks the doors so they can't be opened from inside should a window be broken. I'm sure an alarm was an option as well although not many seem to have one.
(03-03-2016, 07:26 PM)Solent Wrote:  You don't say what year, but on the MkIII if you press the key fob twice it deadlocks the doors so they can't be opened from inside should a window be broken. I'm sure an alarm was an option as well although not many seem to have one.

Alarm is standard with the Enterprise Van. It's fitted with internal sensors as well as door sensors. Also you don't need to double lock to deadlock. It's all on one click of the button.

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I doubt theres any lock that can be considered unbreachable, But I would have hoped that just hammering a flat head in would have mangled the lock rather than unlocked it.   Confused

One of my Subscriptions on YT is a bloke called 'bosnianbill' and he pick cylinder locks of all makes and its rather worrying to think that if a criminal took the time to learn the stuff he shows you, They would potentially be able to access any door with a cylinder lock in about 10 mins max without any noise or any signs of forced entry!

He also ridicules MASTER locks as hes got hundreds of videos on how easy they are to simply rake open using anything thats thin enough to slip inside and push the pins.

Who got something like this on the van?

16 Plate Berlingo Multispace XTR
Oh, Is your shed locked with one of these? Mine WAS! Not now.
Master Lock: Opened w/a Plastic Zip Tie!

16 Plate Berlingo Multispace XTR
Thats the thing its not mangled they simply removed the handle and lock barrel altogether and just turned the thingymabob inside which unlocked the central locking all round. I have actuslly put the bits back on as there was no damage to them, apart from the lock barrel base plate was damaged.

And yes my tools shouldnt have been in there, but rear windows were heavily tinted so they werent just on show.

I just dont want it happening a second time is all,amd i fear with the standard locks its highly likely to.
Could you not install a Van Vault in the back or some sort of steel box to lock your tools in?
16 Plate Berlingo Multispace XTR
(04-03-2016, 08:35 AM)doofer Wrote:  Interesting.  No more details please.  Would this work if it was deadlocked?

The tinted windows don't make things invisible.  I regularly carry stock in mine, and have all kinds of stuff stacked up when I'm collecting from suppliers.  The tint makes things less visible, but still there for anyone looking.  I wouldn't leave it out of sight for longer than a pee when it's full like this though.
Yeah it would undo the deadlock as you are turning the gadget that the lock barrel sits into, so car thinks its being unlocked as normal using the key, i did it myself when i was investigating how they got in.

Thats the more infuriating part, that it potentially could happen again. Police didnt even come out and have a look either and said let them know if i get any more details....yeah thanks for your service fellas.

It needs something more substantial to hold the lock barrel in which was why i asked if there was any alternative measures as oposed to the weak OEM components.
Thule van lock  this look a tidy bit of kit,unlike some I've been checking on. and on another road,Lad at the courier firm I'm at has the locks removed and plated over the hole,then some stainless plate over the top similar to this just to tidy it up, he put a decent central locking kit on though as all he's got is the remote.
 [Image: van_zpsjif4dbo6.jpg]
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Brick through the window is the preferred method round here Big Grin

Whatever you do an unscrupulous thief will always get in, just don't leave them anything to steal.
So where does this bit go then ?

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