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sat nav
Any idea how to set this up?  Says cannot connect  but has been previously  used by last owner. 


Assuming it's the teletrac satnav. The user licence has expired and you'd need to call teletrac to buy a license. Assuming it is the teletrac don't bother, it's crap as far as satnavs go.

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Yes I believe it is teletrac. Was hoping I could just replace it with a Tom Tom but not sure if the connections are the same
To be honest I use Waze. It's a free app on iPhone, Android and Windows phone. It integrates with Google and users can upload traffic issues, police road works etc. It's by far the best satnav I've used to date and I've tried a lot of satnav programs.

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(08-03-2016, 10:09 AM)doofer Wrote:  Does Waze use mobile data?  The reason I was happy to pay a one-off £20-ish for CoPilot is that I have a Pay-As-You-Go phone, and CoPilot downloads a full UK map when you install it.  After that, it only uses mobile data for traffic reports (if you choose to use this option).  This keeps me well within my free 100MB data every month, so I pay absolutely nothing per month to the phone provider.

it does but not for the satnav function - it uses mobile data for live traffic information and for me thats worth the 500mb a month over 2000 odd miles
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I also use copilot, I have the full EU version and have used it for a motorcycle trip across France Belgium Germany and Austria and in my van further onto Hungary Romania & Bulgaria.
I'm intending to use it again this year in the Berlingo for another trip to Bulgaria. A function I find valuable is that Copilot will report the local speed limits in MPH the same as my UK speedo and warn me if I go over, which is very useful in Romania where the police regard speeding motorists as their personal cash dispenser !

Google maps is also very good and free , you can also download routes on WiFi before you set off if data is a issue like abroad or if your on PAYG mobile.

I find the scorche magnetic car mounts superb for secure easy mounting of the phone.


I suppose it depends on how much you drive, as to how much you should spend on a sat nav. I drive over 75,000 miles a year as a same day courier, and I use a Tom Tom Go Live 1005 which has live traffic info fed to it every 3 minutes. This is the second 1005 that I've owned, and it has literally saved me from hours of being stuck in traffic jams, as it automatically steers me around any major holdups. The traffic subscription is £38 per year. Good though it is, I still occasionally, have to use "Google Maps" on my phone to be directed to newly built roads, not on my Tom Tom's map.

I have used Garmin, Navigon, and CoPilot sat navs in the past, and none were anywhere as good as my Tom Tom. The only good thing about the Garmin which I keep in the van as a spare, is that, you can put in up to 20 drops and it will optimise a route for doing those drops.
Jim, maybe try waze as a back up as it is a google product so new roads are all up to date etc. It also has the added benefit of speed camera locations and users can upload where mobile cameras are for other users to see - again it will give you a warning to let you know there is one.

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(10-03-2016, 04:06 PM)doofer Wrote:  CoPilot can also do an optimized multi-drop route, and the traffic update interval is initially preset at 5 minutes but you can change it to as short as you like.

I don't see it as a poor relation to a separate sat nav, but as an evolution of it. Most phones have a better screen and processor than the best standalone sat navs. It contains every electronic module that a sat nav unit does, but probably better specced and with better software.

The price of a decent smartphone is getting lower than many sat navs now, so if you want a sat nav you get all the phone's other features for free, plus one less box to carry around.

If Tom Tom's your thing then it's also available as a phone app.
Got to agree with that, there are situations where each is better, for work I use igo which is built into a double din stereo in the van, however I have had to resort to using Google maps or copilot on the phone to find places it couldn't find, on the bike it's copilot every time as it has bike mode for "biker" roads ! My brother was also able to preplan each days ride on our Europe tour and email it to me to load into my phone as we were both using copilot.
In the Berlingo I use the phone and mostly copilot as it is the most convenient way to have satnav when I need it, I don't have a high spec phone just a 5" bush android phone that cost £70 when new.


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