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Black substance from injector seal 2.0 HDI

I have recently noticed that my berlingo has developed a ticking noise which is definitely related to engine RPM (it happens whilst stationary, so it's definitely coming from the engine). I've had a nose around the engine bay and I noticed that there's a shiny black substance that's coming from one of the injectors. It's solidified, I poked the substance with a screwdriver and it just broke away. I've no idea how long it's been there, I was checking for a fuel leak as the cabin has started smelling quite badly of fuel when stationary.

My main concern is the ticking as it sounds quite ominous! May not be relevant but the MAF is currently disconnected as it's faulty. I reconnected the MAF and the ticking remained and the only change was the return of poor performance, so I'm sure that the ticking is not related to the MAF.

How likely is it that the ticking is caused by this injector? I'm guessing that the injector seal needs sorting regardless, is it easy enough to do DIY? 

Thanks for any help.
The ticking and the black residue point to a blowing injector. Remove the injector, clean the seat and if no damage, refit with new seal.
Thanks Col, I'll look into getting this done. You mention if no damage, is it easy to ascertain this? I've got a Haynes manual, so I'll read the relevant section in there.

Other information that may be relevant, is that the clutch was changed recently. Judging by how easy it is changing gear now compared to before (which felt like I was doing a weighted, one legged squat), I wonder if the old clutch had caused any damage.
Thanks for the link Polar. I've read the thread and I'm not really sure what stage this means my car is in, if it is indeed showing the symptoms from the thread you linked to.

Am I OK to just replace this particular injector seal (and check the bolts on the others) and then do an oil change incase it's entered the oil (that's OK, it's due an oil change anyway) or is it the case that if the residue is visible around the injector, that the damage is already done to the turbo?

I'm going to set about sorting this out this week.
Hi cha1n,

its difficult to say mate i would sort the injector and flush the engine with flushing oil before refilling with a fresh filter and oil, its a case of hoping for the best - fingers crossed.
Polar- That link is for the 1.6hdi.
(12-03-2016, 09:34 PM)Col Wrote:  Polar- That link is for the 1.6hdi.

Yes Col are you telling me the OP has a 2.0hdi! I maybe incorrectly surmised he had a 1.6hdi because of the blowing injector!!??
Well the title of the post does says 2.0Hdi

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(13-03-2016, 08:20 AM)Growler73 Wrote:  Well the title of the post does says 2.0Hdi

Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk

Yes, I have the 2.0 HDI. Does this mean that it's less likely to cause damage to the turbo? 

Either way, there's definitely a carbon substance leaking past one of the injectors (but no fuel). It looks like something that builds up over time as opposed to something urgent. 

I am doing high miles in it though, so I've ordered a new MAF and injector seal kit. Is it worth replacing the fuel rail? 

Does anyone know where I can buy a tool to clean the injector seat?

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