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How I remove the side trim panels inside the boot
I made a quick video on removing the side trim panels in the boot so hopefully it is now less of a mystery Smile EDIT: switch on subtitles

Click on the box on the bottom right of video for full screen

EDIT - some notes while I am here:
Having done that, I now remember it wasn't as easy the remove first time round - I will add subtitles to the video. Basically, there is a thick white trim clip that pinged off (I think I ripped it off) and never saw again. This white trim clip is slid into a guide on the back of the panel (see 38 seconds into the video for this guide area on the back of the panel right side of the picture about half way down). The white trim clip is fed into a small hole in the metal bodywork to the left (see 35 seconds in). So I guess at first you can try to slide that panel towards the direction of the tailgate to release the white trim clip from the panel. But I yanked it, and without this clip I suppose its much easier to remove this panel and reattach it.

The trim panel on the right hand side of the boot, you have to be aware of the big round black plastic screw trim clip in the cubby area. It needs to be unscrewed because it attaches to a thin metal bolt protruding from the metal bodywork. Once I removed it (I yanked that too in the end because I couldn't unscrew it without chewing the screwdriver head on it) I placed a round black sticker over it. Without this plastic trim screw the removal of the panel very quick when needed and its still totally secure without it.
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Hi patch,
Thanks for the video, its very useful to me, I'm thinking of putting a 12v socket in that side (mirror of the one in the driver's side) and without a Haynes available to show how was worried about damaging the panel.

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(14-03-2016, 04:42 PM)Satellitemark Wrote:  Hi patch,
Thanks for the video, its very useful to me, I'm thinking of putting a 12v socket in that side (mirror of the one in the driver's side)  and without a Haynes available to show how was worried about damaging the panel.


Thanks Mark. I went in to the left side boot panel primarily to use the thick white spare permanent live for an underseat active subwoofer. My work so far is 'rough' if you like when it comes to the wiring, just to prove my plan and the hardware worked. Awaiting posi-type connectors and posi-fuse connectors for a clean looking 'proper' job.

Out of interest, why are you adding an accessory in that side. The recessed/cubby hole panel on the right side of the boot conceals the accessory power socket and cabling ready to tap into
2012(62) XTR 1.6 92bhp Airdream Modutop
Thank you Patch make it so much better when you see it on video give that man a meddle . Cool
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Hi Patch,
My rear seats split 2/1 the single seat (drivers side) will be folded down to make way for a chest cool box to carry medications and food and my Grandson will sit on the double . the coolbox will take the standard rear 12v socket but the boy will want to charge various pads / phone / media players etc, On our summer trip to the black sea in Bulgaria via the black forest and the gros glockner.
I'm trying to get everything ready for the journey, next on the list is roof bars and roof box.


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Great Video! Thanks
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