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Hello everyone.

Newbie here. I have just purchased a 2007 bingo 1.6 hdi with 72500 miles on the clock. It was owned by a local company up here in Midlandshire, with service history. Spoke to the local company who owned the van who put me in touch with the local non franchised garage who serviced it every year. They bought up all the service dates on their computer. So hopefully it's a good one. Having a local non franchised garage perform a 72k service for me.   

I was considering taking the van to a waxoyl service centre locally who steam clean the entire van then treat van chassis and all areas with waxoyl. The cost is £400........ I am sure they do a great job...... Has anyone had this treatment done.........     I am tempted just to buy a 5 litre can from Halfrauds.... Clean underneath myself then apply waxoyl myself.

Any comments much appreciated  Smile
Do it yourself its well worth it
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(22-03-2016, 01:05 AM)polar Wrote:  Do it yourself its well worth it

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do it yourself.

best to try and cover the exhaust with something whilst you do it as it takes a while to burn off any spillage. (and it stinks)
I also own a 22 year old isuzu trooper that when i bought it 15 years ago got the underside waxoyled and the chassis is still like new.
if you keep the car for as long as i have kept my trooper you will need to apply a coating every few years.
also if you have alloy wheels be sure not to get any on them.
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Get the black waxoyl is your doing underneath.
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
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Many thanks for the replies one and all, much appreciated. Will purchase the black waxoyl for underneath plus the clear/cream coloured waxoyl for other areas some as inside cross members and inside doors and any where else.

I seem to remember having to warm up the wax in the tin by standing it in a bucket of hot water to allow the wax to spray more evenly.

Will spend a good day pressure washing and scraping years of grime and crud off it first.......
Try this stuff in the cavities its better than the Waxoyl because its much thinner and gets into the nooks and crannies.
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Polar, that's noted thank you. Never hear of it but will take a look at it. :-)
I've used Waxoyl for 40+ years as a Self employed mechanic.Tips:- Don't do it on a wet/damp car,it can chase water into crevices.Thin to squirt into seams with an oil can.Warm weather is better to aid creep.Remove mud etc or it will act like a sponge.Treat heavy wear areas with Underseal mixed with Waxoyl over already treated body work.In warm weather allow 2hrs min between applications & remember,what runs off doesn't treat the metal.Several light appplications are better than 1 heavy one.
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Ron, that's great advice, thank you. Have looked underneath the van today and mud is caked all over the chassis and component parts. Will spend time cleaning, rubbing and scraping before treating. Agreed, it has to be worth treating the chassis and giving the van some TLC for once in its life............

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