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2016 meets
Is there anything planned for this year ?
The only meet's they do on this site is the meeting of mind's iv'e ask before about the French 1/4 and got no reply's Sad can you imagine a car park full of grumpy old men / woman and me . Rolleyes Angel
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For the last 25+ years I've had Skodas and although pre tinterweb days, meets were less and poorly attend, everyone got on . In later years I've been active on a few of the Skoda forums and in the main owners club and local sections.
On here tho, and on the main citroen forums, it seems like most are scared to say anything. Most posts have high viewing figures, and very few replies. There seems to be little community spirit.
So come on people, when people post, say hello, add your ten penneth even make a witty comment. Let's liven the place up a bit
May I also add, if I offend anyone by saying any off the above and insinuating that it's a bit boring----- tuff
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Thumbs up on that one 
i always liked going to car shows /meets/camping weekends ect its always good to put a face to a name
Yeh. A load of us used to have weekends away with the Skoda club and convoy to the annual Skodafest
used to do all the Vauxhall shows a few years ago
Due to other commitments,I don't have time to travel too far but if a meet was within 100 miles or so,I would love to meet up.
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A hundred metres? That's very specific... You'd better give us your postcode... ;-)

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(19-04-2016, 05:29 PM)nicebiscuit Wrote:  A hundred metres?  That's very specific...  You'd better give us your postcode...  ;-)

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How far do you want to travel Big Grin.I've edited my post.ta.
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