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About to order...
#1 XTR with the ETG6 box. Been reading through the forum here to see what issues, if any, there are with Berlingos etc. Hopefully I will get on with the transmission, won't have pulling to the left issues, and all the magic gizmos will work! I mean, how do you actually know if the active city braking is working or not?

I was wondering if there is an option/accessory/feature/summat that, since I am buying from new, that I should ask for. That thing that may be lurking in the online Citroen catalogue that would be really good to have but you don't find out about until after you have ordered s
Hi Matian and welcome to the forums. If you are getting the XTR its already the comes in a higher spec. Are you getting the modutop version? As that comes with storage compartment that is accessible from the boot and the back passenger compartment. As well as the extra light in the glass roof panels, modutop also gives additional places to put stuff overhead for front and rear passengers and the rear passengers each get their own lighting and a vent/blower each they can control.

Looking at what others seek to fir after buying it looks like tinting the windows (aftermarket solutions involve placing a film to the windows but the factory option puts the tint in the glass).
On non-modutop models you can order the internal roof bars.
Alloy wheel may not be standard in the XTR if its the airdream model.
Another upgrade post purchase which is popular is either the stereo, speakers or subwoofer (or all). Is there a factory option to have the speakers upgraded to JBL still? Citroen also have a subwoofer option, although I think it is the bazooka style and I read in the past it is not very powerful.
Some people seek out the fitted rubber boot mat or the dog guard ( i believe there is a metal and also net style dog guard available).
What about upgrading from the standard aircon/heating fan controls to the automatic climate control version where you set the temp you want and the computer keeps the car at that temp?
Cant think of any more off the top of my head but hopefully more posts will come. Have a look at the tuning and styling sub forum for more ideas and upgrades owners carry outA
2012(62) XTR 1.6 92bhp Airdream Modutop
Hello Martian welcome to the forum Smile  thing's you mite like auto lights wipers folding mirrors parking sensors they mite be standard now not sure opening hatch window on the tailgate don't do it won't do it sat nav . Huh
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Hi, thanks for the welcome. Not going modutop as you lose space rather than gain it. Sat is a no-no since not only is it expensive to install you have to pay for updates! As it stands the climate control and active city braking are mutually exclusive options on the configurator. A bit of persistence on my part turned up a special code to be able to add the braking. The ETG6 version comes with wheels of steel, but they will go round and round all day long being steel or ally so no big deal there.

Does anyone know if there are length options? The configurator only has one size. Wondering if a longer length is a hidden option like adding the brakes was.
Thanks for that Doofer. The spec I ordered has, active city brakes, front and rear parking sensors and rear camera, autowipers/lights, cruise/climate control, curtain airbags. I plan on doing a bit of stealth camping and festivals and so I got mine in white to stay cool.

I am interested in the adjustments you have made to yours. What are the standard headlight bulbs and what did you replace the standard headlight bulbs with? Regarding the interior led replacements, I take it that the bulbs are easily sourced, like for like replacements? You mentioned additional interior lights. I would be interested in seeing what yours look like. I am also definitely getting a crash cam. I am thinking of a discrete Road Angel dual cam setup. Regarding the electrics for all that gubbins, where did you decide to locate that? I was thinking that there must be a hot wire for switchable interior lights accessible from within the shelf above the screen. I thought that might be a good place. I will also need additional power in the rear, that may need to be from a separate source.

I will be wanting to lug a leisure battery with me at some point. That then will be giving me a challenge. Since it will have regenerative braking and conventional split charger won't work. One solution is to install a battery to battery charging unit for around £250 in parts, but I don't know what the car's intelligent charging system will make of all that. Another alternative that I have seem mentioned is using an inverter/charger combo. Whilst that would charge without impacting the car's electrics, I am not convinced it will deliver enough current for a rapid charge.

What is the engine cover to which you refer? Is that underbody protection? From what I read it seems that the ETG6 may be missing that.

Other things on my shopping list will be opaque blinds like you get with the Amdro Boot Jump and making something like the Boot Jump. I nearly bought one off Moira who is a member here, but I found with my height I just bashed my bonce. Once I have the car I will be able to work out what works for me.

Other things of interest include accessing technical info from the cars systems. I have read references to Lexia. What is that exactly? I thought that all I would need to do was to plug a Bluetooth adapter into the vehicles OBD II port and then use some freeware on my phone/tablet to access it. Is it trickier than that?

Thanks for the welcome.

Lexia is the Citroen diagnostic software, very clever piece of kit. I would have thought it would be unnecessary as you are buying a brand new car !
Unless you like to fiddle about that is, be warned tho it is capable of causing havoc if you don't know what you're doing. It will access the very depths of the cars systems.

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