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Sound proofing your berlingo
Any bros tried sound proofing your berlingo?

Intend to paste the foil like matts onto my;

front fenders
Rear fenders
resr floor area
roof area

Not sure how do i remove all these area to paste the sound insulation. Anyone has any guide on this? Did a search on youtube but no results found.
Do your bonnet also and inner firewall.You also need to use foam on top of the dynamat(have a look at dynaliner) as the dynamat only stops the panel resonating. The foam absorbs the road also need the doors done.1/2 thick heat proof foam liner over the dynamat under the bonnet will really quieten the engine bay.
I have completely covered my 2002 mk1 berlingo from front to back including the wheel wells with rubber backed carpet as i have a high end pioneer dex-p99rs head unit installed and it had to be as quiet as possible.
Great. How many m2 of the materials you use so far and did you really cover the whole panel up? or some was saying cut those into strips and spread out the sticking will do??
You really only need 50-75% coverage for the dynamat to stop panel resonating.I went stupid and covered the entire front cabin including the roof 100%.The rear floor also 100% with 1/2" foam on top then the rubber mat over that.I also sound proofed the rear windows as I use a full time rear view 1080p camera and 7 " monitor instead of a rear view mirror and don't need to see out of them.
There's a product called happy tiger ping jing and it's thicker than the more expensive dynamat product and sticks extremely well. My mates have done there entire sedans and only spent $200 Australian on the happytiger product.
i saw this and am interested why you are soundproofing your blingo? to keep noise from going out or noise from coming in? or is it a different kind of sound proofing?
As I am an audiophile and have installed the highest quality head unit that's available,the Pioneer dex-p99rs I needed to sound proof the cabin and doors from as much outside road noise and engine noise as possible for the best music experience I could possibly achieve. When sound proofing is done correctly and completely you have an extremely quiet vehicle,even if for the peace and quiet. If you haven't heard a dex-p99rs unit you wouldn't understand .Yes it's a work vehicle but I'm in it all the time every day and the quality music and quiet ride is well worth the effort and time.
i'm with you mate! i'm involved in music production and ideally need to do what you are doing.

a friend of mine also has done something similar to his vauxhall as he needs to test the music he makes before sending for pressing and cannot be too noisy at home due to neighbours.. so he takes his mobile studio out on the road to test sounds!

Anyone know if there's any detailed DIY instructions online to share with? I'm still considering to paste all 1 whole sheet or just to spread them out.
With the air conditioning curtain behind the seats,a quality dash mat,sound deadening on roof, floor and doors the acoustics are beautiful.
Correctly facing tweeter,midrange and midbass speakers are also important.
Heres a picture of my Audison Voce tweeters and midrange in my A pillars I custom made with the guard dog keeping a close eye on them for me
very nice...

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