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Berlingo rental from Arnold Clark?
Hi folks,

We're looking for some basic Berlingo information on the typical model which Arnold Clark Vehicle Hire offer.

Basically, we will be back in the UK in the coming weeks (resident in Canada for a good 10+ years).   The initial question is, the "Van Class" Berlingo which Arnold Clark offer, does it have enough room to sleep in for an average 5'10" adult?  

My current knowledge on this vehicle is literally nil, but I've read comments about the bulkhead and wonder if this is a fixed cargo container or simply a divider (canvas or metal frame) behind the driver's seat?

Any info would be welcomed, as we are trying to figure out if this vehicle hire would suit our needs, as we travel around the UK - at the very least, to carry a couple of suit cases and odds and ends.

Kind Regards,
Welcome to the forum .

       Reading between the lines I take that two of you are intending to sleep in the back of a Berlingo? .
I slept alone in my old model which did not have a fixed bulkhead and had to fold down the front passenger seat to get my 6ft folding camp bed in. (It was manageable for 4 nights.)
I think the newer models will have a fixed bulkhead , a " fixed cargo container" . If not the room behind the drivers seat is a lot shorter than behind the passenger seat due to a protective metal frame to protect the driver in a collision from the load flying forward and crushing him.
     (Measured mine which does not have a fixed bulkhead and its 6ft pass side (seat folded )and 5 ft drivers side.)

 There are stretched versions ( Citron expert? ) not sure what they are called but they are longer. Maybe more suitable

 There will be others along soon who may know more . Smile
I've owned 2 of the "L2" type Berlingo vans which I've used for courier work. Each came with a simple ladder style protective frame up the back of the driver's seat to protect them from flying boxes. The "load bed" of the L2 version is 1.93m long, 1.2m wide, and 1.1m high (at its lowest point at the back doors). The "LX" (luxury) model which I've always had, has a folding passenger seat, which enables me to carry items which are slightly longer than 3m in length. The full width steel bulkhead is a factory fitted special order optional extra. All the basic models come with the ladder frame protector. I'm 6 foot tall and have slept comfortably in my van a few times, but there again, it has that extra 20cm of load bed length which makes all the difference. If you have a choice, always got for a 90hp rather than 75hp engine in your van.
If you're going to be sleeping in it, trust me and get a swb transit size van.
Many thanks for the replies folks, hugely appreciate them!

To give you some background, we are basically heading back to the UK due to a terminal illness in the family.   As with many of us, money is tight, especially as we are dealing with Canadian Dollar, which is around 1.89 to the £ right now, so every time we open our wallets, things cost almost double.

So, this is a capture from Arnold Clark's website, showing an example of the vehicle they offer.  I know they said they offer a Renualt Kangoo, Fiat Doblo and Citreon Berlingo in this category, where the Kangoo has the least container/cargo space.   I also learned that there are two wheel base options on the Berlingo, so would assume Arnold Clark offer the smaller version as their hire van.  

[Image: arnold-clark-berlingo.jpg]

As mentioned above, a larger van would likely provide ample room, but it's all about watching the pennies and hiring the Berlingo is a pretty good deal (not much difference in cost than hiring a small car in all honestly).  If we leave our luggage with family/friends and simply carry basic needs with us, I hope we can manage it, even if we sleep in the back with our knees up to our chins!! lol

I guess one of the key points is whether Arnold Clark's van has a "fixed" bulkhead" or something we can detach for extra sleeping space?

Kind Regards,
You say 'we', therefore I assume two people to sleep in a Berlingo van?
Not a chance.
(07-04-2016, 06:39 PM)Solent Wrote:  You say 'we', therefore I assume two people to sleep in a Berlingo van?
Not a chance.

Indeed, my wife and I.

Maybe I can sleep behind the wheel ... while she plays "twister" in the cargo space? lol

Kind Regards,
How much is this going to cost you to hire for the time you're here? You might be better off simply buying an old Synergie 7 seater / Ford Galaxy / C8 / 807 for 3 or 400 quid and selling it again when you leave. You'd not lose much money on one and you can sleep in all of them Smile

I paid £400 recently for a very nice 03 plate Citroen C8 with MOT until November..

Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
We are going to be in the UK for six weeks and Arnold Clark have quoted us approx £1,050 for that timeline, including excess cover (base rate is £700).  So that's around $2,000 for us.  I thought about buying an old run around, but by the time you pay for running costs, MOT, insurance etc, would it not be a larger expense, then of course, the headache of getting rid of the vehicle before heading back to Canada?

Still lots to think about - maybe we will purchase a tent, if the space in the Berlingo is tight?

Kind Regards,
I could get you an old Proton automatic with MOT until October for £250 Smile

Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk

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