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Heating fan packed up
DDjDR2003 berlingo multispace my heating system has packed in , I only bought the waggon about 2 months ago when i bought it the heating would turn on but only at full power , and wouldn't turn its self off again until I put the switch in a certain position then turn the ignition keys off an on again , 

Well I put up with that for the last 2 months but now it's totally stopped working 
I took the fan it's self out and unplugged it , wired it to my battery (12v) supply and it worked , plugged if back into the car to see if it would work after I disconnected it but would not work ,,, 

I took the control switched off to see if it was corroded but wasn't , checked the wires going the switches , nothing is getting the to work for me , 

Anybody out there that could help me fix this problem , was told it could be the transistor but the transistor is built into the fan , transistor looks ok to me slightly corroded but nothing major , and if it was the transistor how I it that the fan works when wired to a (12v) battery
this is a common problem with the berlingo. I am at the moment wondering how long before my blower packs up on my heater and for the moment its on half blow and the mrs has been told to leave it cus i know its going to fail.
plenty to read on here about it and from what i read there is two types. one with air con and one without. it seems always to be the transistors as you have said. Like you I am at a loss as to know which one and how do i know its not just the fan.
have a look on google and type berlingo heater fan and see what results pop up.
one of the more informed will be along soon.

you are not alone!
Hi Stevie welcome to the forum, Its more than likely the resistor pack for the fan that has packed up, the tell tale is only working on full power. Not that expensive and easy to replace just make sure you get the right one. Remove yours and take a picture for reference so you get he right one. A tip for you be careful what you do electrically on a citroen as you can really confuse the BSI unit by not disconnecting and connecting the battery the right way or by shorting circuits out.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Hello, as has been stated in the earlier reply there are two different control types depending on whether your Berlingo has Air Con or not. The air-con version [which is rarer on the M59 model as it was an option] had the transistor control pack, while the normal heater/blower without air-con has a resistor pack. These are the parts that normally fail.

The thread with the [two different types] are all in this previous thread if you look through it:
Thanks for the welcoming and quick replys guys ,good to find such a good site purely for berlingos ,,, I can beleave my luck lol well I'm going to bring it to an auto spark tomarrow I don't mind what it costs to fix I can't stand the steamy windows anymore lol
My berli does have ac but the previous owner disconnected the belt and put a shorter one on missing out the ac for some reason I do not know as he never told me about that , maybe gas needed refilled and price might off been the problem or maybe faulty ???

I personally think the transistor is ok because the fan does work , just not when wired into the car the way it should be, how can the fan work straight from a 12v battery?? Surly if the transistor is faulty /packed up it wouldn't work when wired to anything ,,
If you think of the transistor pack as a set of electronic switches [which is what transistors are] that are used so you can select the different fan blower speeds. What you are doing when you supply 12V directly to the fan is to bypass these and hence the fan runs.

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