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Auxiliary Wiring
Does anyone know if there is an easy to reach point, between engine bay and cabin, where I can run a power feed from the battery to run some auxiliary electrics. I don't want to tap into any original wiring due to possible problems
Are you saying you want to run some extra wiring from the battery to the cabin?

If so there is a wiring loom that runs under the rain scuttle through the main bung/seal into the cabin. To access that you unbolt the wipers and then about 6 [from memory] quick release [half-turn] type fasteners to remove the rain scuttle [it splits into two parts...remember to note which bit is on top!] You will now see the large main seal/bung on your left hand side [looking rearwards into the engine bay] To get easier access to the bung it is an advantage to unbolt the wiper arm assembly on the driver's side and pivot it out of the way.

All the cables in this loom in the rain scuttle are in a plastic type conduit, attached with cable ties, so cut the cable ties and then you can access the loom inside.

I had to go in there when checking out some broken data lines.

So now you have [looking rearwards] the bung/seal into the cabin on you left and the loom running across left to right in front of you in a conduit.

The only really fiddly part now is when the loom drops downwards at the right hand end of the rain scuttle and emerges in the bottom right hand side of the engine bay [the side where the battery is] If you are adding extra wires I would suggest using either something like a stiff piece of wire or a straightened out wire coat hanger [suitably protected with tape to stop any damage to other wires] to poke down to where the loom emerges into the engine bay and then attach your new wire to the coat hanger which you use as a "pull through"

Going back to the other end where the bung is on the left hand side of the engine bay into the cabin. Before you try and get extra wires through this bung take the opportunity to completely clean out any debris/leaves from this small bay as this area does quite often fill with c**p blocking the drain holes in this bay and causing water ingress into from this bay into the cabin and quite often onto and damaging the BSI. So after this bay is nice any dry and clean you can CAREFULLY and I do mean carefully poke extra wires through this bung. Be very careful as this is the main loom into the cabin. After you have got your wires through into the cabin, make sure the bung is very well sealed with weatherproof sealastic to make sure no water can get into the cabin or anywhere near the BSI.

This is from my experience with a 2007 Berlingo Multispace 1.6Hdi, other cars/vans may have different wiring
(13-04-2016, 12:20 PM)Yorki Wrote:  Does anyone know if there is an easy to reach point, between engine bay and cabin, where I can run a power feed from the battery to run some auxiliary electrics. I don't want to tap into any original wiring due to possible problems

And a basic loom drawing [not mine] apologies to whoever posted it before as I cannot remember who it was but I used it to roughly work out where the looms were [ignore the arrow]

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Thanks for the replies. Ended up drilling a hole at the n/s where something goes through on a lhd model. Rubber grommet and a bit of sealant. This saved running wired across the engine bay from the battery and back across the cabin

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