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project berty....
hi all, new to forum and this is my first van... berlingo 1.9 flat diesel,  got her as an ex plumber/electricians van for 175 notes with short mot and a leaky fuel pump... fitted 2 new rubber O rings to the spindle on top of the original 1.9d xud pump and new P bushes for mot and job done, cracking little van for just shy of £200... Bargain

However, this is not going to be kept in any way standard for long, in fact its already had a xud9te lump dropped in and thats the start of it.. has made it much much more fun and in some ways more safe to drive
[Image: cd4508c140cd6963148965f03f6a7058.jpg][Image: 11aa817c1e45bf863814053caf7942ea.jpg][Image: d0fe0009df875186e55c818dd8a9ea35.jpg]

The deed is done... believe it or not I don't actually have any images of the van itself... started off as a badly sun damaged red but has been cut and polished up to shiny glory... for now at least.

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I used the original driveshafts from the lingo. 306 decat downpipe that was marginally bigger than the lingo one. Cut and sleeved and welded just before the centre box. All the 306 engine mounts and gearbox mount. 306 loom. However need to get a few dials and temp gague working. Lingo clutch cable with a makeshift spacer.... stop solenoid adjustment and pretty much everything else was lingo bits. Radiator. Exp tank all hoses etc direct fit. Only difference was the inner driveshaft cup on the ns was too long so swapped it for the shorter 306 one. Result.

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Bargain nice work with the engine what power is she?
Nice job, just swapped my DW8 to a and XUD9te. What do you mean about the driveshafts? Wondering now if thats why mine has a leak as I used the original berlingo shafts.
The engine power is probably just above stock as the fuels been turned up but not the boost as yet. Waiting for a boost gauge to come. Smile

The driveshafts yes there are two length inner driveshaft cups. Originally I used the berlingo one which stuck too far our of the box and the part of the shift that seals in the diff doesn't fully touch the seal and will leak out slowly. That and the shaft will be a bit of a t**t to get in the hub again... good thing is it only takes 5 mins to get out again lol.

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[Image: 9db471e18b0d00a5a54ee293a1547544.jpg]

Here are the inner cups as mentioned. The top one is the shorter one I needed to use. The bottom is the original lingo one. This is just one I have on the bench at work not the actual one I used mind Smile just have a look up at the box and see if you can see the shiny silver larger inner part. If you can see too much of it chances are you done what I did... should sit nearly all the way in the diff.

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Truth be told I shoved it in and didn't go under the van again! That'll be why mines leaking then! Guess thats a job for the weekend! Thanks mate.
Yeah I did the same. Thought it had a coolant leak when parked up at work a few hours later checked and it was gear oil lol thought s**t just my luck lol lucky had one spare

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Hi TD.Welcome to the forum.I can see you will be a very helpful member.Thanks for your very interesting post. Big Grin
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy

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