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Hiya all, I read that the 1.6 hdi is quite unreliable, is this true ? What are your experiences ??
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All you will hear is the bad stories on the 1.6hdi but ive seen many with 100k plus on them. The early ones suffered from weedy injector clamp bolts that were not done up tight at the factory but if they are tight you get no trouble, I have an early 1.6 and no injector leaks.

The turbo oil filters were a little too restrictive and modified on later ones like the injector bolts but again i know of plenty of early ones with the supposedly restrictive filters still in the turbo feeds still in place with well over 100k.

What matters most is a good service history and no injector leaks.

The 1.6's are a little fussy on oil so 5w30 is a must.
The 1.6 engine is in so many cars from Citroen to BMW minis I don't think you will see a problem. Like Polar has already said, if buying used make sure it has lots of service history. In my opinion it's a great little engine - so much so I have two. One in a 2011 C4 grand picasso and one in a 2014 berlingo.

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I think every make has got good points and bad points,there not a perfect vechlie, if you service it well,look after it,your on a winer,but every car brakes down at some point,my mate had a porsche boxster s. gearbox broke,£5000 for new gearbox,so puting a new turbo in a blingo doesn't sound so bad,,

I have a one with 208.000 miles. 75Hp 2009. Oil changes every 12.000 miles, 5W30 or 0W30, low sap (ACEA C2) oil.

I haven't had any parts of the engine break or fail expect of the starter motor, alternator overrun pulley, seals of injector #4.
Recently, there's a some white smoke at the morning start, probably injector leak. But generally it drives and works normally.
mines now on 187000,got it at 38k 2 years ago,She's never let me down,never missed a days work,oil change every 9k,returns me 700 miles tank to tank religiously (thats not to the light),all same suspension parts,rear shoes were in when i got it,front discs and pads at 147k as the discs were going crusty,not because of any lip (I hate using brakes,no need to,that's what your eyes are for) and I've given her 2 cambelt/water pump changes...oh and all assorted filters,treat them right and I cant fault it,She's earned me a fortune in 2 years
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(22-04-2016, 08:46 PM)ajcommercial Wrote:  I read that the 1.6 hdi is quite unreliable, is this true?

Mines got 170k.
Does 1500-2000 miles a month carrying weight. Think the starter is in its way out but that's all.
Get a little smoke on a morning which is a bit smelly but it goes in less than a minute.
Returns over 650 miles to the tank and just keeps going.
Probably the best small van I've owned and will be getting another for definite.
Previous ownership is an important factor in this engines longevity IMHO

I did some work for a fella and he had one for work, it died 7 months after he bought it, didn't do many miles in it but it cost him several thousand to fix it.

But there is also one on eBay with over 400k

It may well be the equivalent of tiggers broom......

Changing the oil regularly and perhaps at a reduced interval or my preferred option is to stick to the normal interval for service history/manufacturers warranty and do an extra one at half way.

Seems to work for me.
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