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[Engine] Oil
What oil do I need? 2lt hdi 06 plate,some say 5/40 fully sin,some say,5/30 fully sin.91000 miles on it.and is it normal to see smoke coming out the oil filler cap after a run ?when I undo it to have a look a bit of smoke comes out??
Ii does not matter both are suitable
Current PSA recommendations (since 2015) for 2.0 HDI (RHY/RHZ):

10W40 PSA specs B712300
5W40 PSA specs B712296

0W30 and 5w30 oil is not recommended for use in this engine.
Whatever 10W40 Asda are selling cheapest when you need to do an oil change! The 2.0 HDi 8v isn't too fussy about oil, and Asda own brand meets all the spec and I've never had a problem and used it for hundreds of thousands of miles in cars with this engine. (Xantias, Xsara, Berlingos, C5 and more!)
I assume this is the same 2.0 lump as fitted to later Fords and PSA group vehicles?

If sonInran my V50 on 5w30, Fully Synth, think it was A5/B5. But I think it met a Ford spec aswell. I used to usually use Mobil Super 3000 X1 Formula FE. Was always the cheapest price wise compared to Castrol or Shell Oils and actually has pretty low SAPs despite not being a "C" rated oil.

The SAPs where low enough to use in a DPF equipped Pathfinder that I owned at the time.
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After checking online Mobil advise 5w40 or 0w40. Even 10w40 but not 5w30 so I am probably talking rubbish and the engine in yours is the older HDi not the PSA/Ford/Volvo joint venture unless PSA have specced a different oil.

Can anybody confirm?
Silver Berlingo Multispace 1.4i Forte

I don't know what engine it is??
It's the old PSA 2.0 HDi 8v 90bhp model as fitted to Xantias, C5s, 206s, 306s and more. It's the only 2.0HDi they ever fitted to the Berlingo.
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On the subject of the smoke it could just be your crankcase breather is blocked up.
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