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Any DiagBox Experts?
I have very in depth knowledge of VAGCOM/VCDS diagnostics so I understand what I am doing but if I am honest the PSA software has got me a bit lost...

DiagBox is loaded and working (V7.83) under windows XP (32-bit) and I have been playing around with my 2016 Berlingo.

I have had a look at the fault journal and there are hundreds (391) of what appear random faults at various mileages from 9 miles up to the current. Oil gauge fault is a common one as well as a few other airbag/pretensioner faults which show up in the software but nothing in the vehicle itself. Is this normal? I appreciate that some faults may be generated as I scan the modules in the vehicle but even so there are loads of other unknown faults.

Also, how do you actually configure options and I give you an example. My van is used most of the time on private land for very short hops between buildings at low speed. The seatbelt warning is loud and I assume it can be turned off but I can't see how or where in the software you could do this? In VCDS it is quite straight forward to alter this option and others but the DiagBox looks a little misleading.

Now, I may have it all wrong and be trying to use the wrong tool for the job or settings like I want to change are simply not possible and if not what other software options are available?

All help appreciated.
Giving advice on this subject is always easier when you have the laptop & car in front of you, but if the seatbelt warning can be turned off(which I Think it can ) , you will need to go into the BSI.
The old Lexia was easier to use & explain, but I think it is worded "pack reparation" or something similar. Once you get into the correct section , you will need to seek out the audible warning, which will be listed as "present".
Click on it and change to "absent", it may then ask you for a security code , which is 03114.
Hope this guides you towards the answer.
I wouldn't worry about the faults log, these seem to be full of various & spurious issues.
Often these are from an incorrect configuration, where the car is looking for something it doesn't have, or airbag faults caused by low battery voltage etc.
I would clear the log & then check it again after a week or so.
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Thanks for your reply!

It is a little different using DiagBox 7.83 with the latest Berlingo BSI and a few more steps than your pointer but armed with your reply I have now successfully turned it off and then turned it back on and tested it and it works 100%.

FYI - If anyone is interested, I have set up DiagBox 7.83 on a MacBook Pro using VirualBox running Windows XP (32-bit) SP3 and it is quite fast and stable. There is one error on startup relating to the DLL but this does not impact on the software. The program also takes a while to shut down on exit and looks like it hangs but it has not, it is just slow to close.
Glad you got it sorted, as I said it's tricky to remember a the details without the lappy in front of you ?

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