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Newbie from Australia
Hi everyone,
 I'm David ( ausmagic ) from Australia where the crows fly backwards looking for a water hole.

I'm older than most but younger than some.

I just bought a 2000 Berlingo for $300 just for something o do.

She's got a blown head gasket and dings in every panel, so I will probably have 6 months of steady work.
So far I have shaved the head $ 80 and new head Gasket $100. I also paid $20 for a 
downloadable repair manual from EMANUALONLINE.COM and they appear to be a scam as they've given 
me all sorts of excuses as to why I can't download it.

Any help regarding how to set up the head bolt torque,  timing and tappets would be appreciated.

Cheers from down under.  David
G'day David and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you've got a real project on your hands. Good luck.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

Hi David,

You should be able to download a Haynes manual from here,

Thanks guys, I'll keep you posted with progress and prices. Haynes will only download to Britain
Thanks again , Ausmagic.
Sorry to hear that mate, I gave my manual away when I sold my old Berlingo.
Hopefully someone will have one to hand.


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Hello asumagic welcome to the forum good to have you with us. Smile
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Thanks Jed, I have never been on a forum before, and I have never seen the inside of a citroen before. 

The " computer " I was taught on as a kid was called a slate and we wrote on it with a piece of chalk
and the nearest thing to a citroen was a horse and cart.

I am probably going to make a lot of mistakes on your forum, so please  EVERYONE HELP ME with your forum advice.

I got the Berlingo motor running. It runs well but has a lot of tappet noise because I can't find the specs anywhere,
but at least I can move it in and out of the little woman's garage to keep the peace.

Till next time , from down under, where the crows fly backwards,  Ausmagic
Hi David and welcome.
Can I suggest you post some details, eg. engine type and size etc. I'm sure the guys will soon ferret out the info you're after !
Good luck with the project !
Thanks DaveH,
I finally got excited enough to bash the panels in the old girl and it was a lot easier than I thought.
It had a line of bad dings on both of the side flat ( sign ) panels that looked like it would take a month to beat out, but
the insides of all the rear panels are covered with industrial carpet, ( probably original ) so I left the carpet on and it made the job really easy.
I have the same sort of damage in a Toyota van that I want to get rid of, so I am going to glue some carpet to the inside to see how it goes.
I will follow your advice and post a description of every thing that I can find. The trouble is, I don't really know what I have. Citroens have always been a bit of an oddity in AUS. and new ones are just starting to sell very well.

Thanks, David

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