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BG244 diesel fuel system cleaner.
(bit of a read but please do your best!)  Wink 

what is BG244? 

it is a fuel system cleaner. you put a can of it in your fuel tank with a full tank of fuel. 
it costs about £23 delivered online.

it claims to get get rid of carbon deposits on fuel injectors/pistons/inlet and outlet ports. helping to make your engine run better and more efficiently. 

does it work? is it worth the £23 ? 

well. heres my findings...........................

My car is 2004 2.0 hdi. full service history with 93000 on the clock. 
I have owned the car since new year 2016. when i bought the car the tank was almost empty. so first job, full tank of shell diesel. (not v power)
that tank did 400 miles to the last white mark on the gauge. next tank got some millers additive, again did 400 miles to the same mark.
The car also got a service at this point, fuel, oil and air filter change. 
My commute to work is a round trip of 35 miles. I work nights, the wife has the car during the day. probably doing the same sort of mileage.
Driving mainly on A and B roads, around town with very little motorway except the odd 20 mile blast here and there perhaps. 
The next two tanks all did the same. 400 miles to the same mark on the gauge. both had millers additive added to tank.
I've kept a fuel/milage log and all my receipts. 
After using millers in the second tank the car drove alot better. smoother and quieter. and also more responsive. 
I have used millers for along time on my cars. petrol and diesel and swear by the stuff. and i don't use supermarket fuel.
Millers helped the car start better and improved that bit of smoke you get sometimes when you first fire up in the morning. 
I also think adding millers make the car quieter and run smoother. I have never really seen any great difference in mpg using millers.    

How did I hear about BG244?

On here,  there was a topic on millers and someone posted that they use BG244 once a year  just before a service. (sorry i forgot who you are)

So, intrigued as to what BG244 is, i did some research...... alot of research!! 
there is plenty of it out there, and if you dig deep you will find out how BG244 came about and how certain car manufacturers tried to stop it. 
there is very little bad press about this stuff. what bad press on forums is met with replies from others that their cars didn't need it!

Alot of folk said that whilst using it fuel consumption improved but went back to before mpg on second full tank of fuel. others claimed that the car improved dramatically during using it and after it. lots claimed the car became more responsive on the throttle. pulled better and so on. and that their mpg was much better.

So I ordered a tin. 
the tank before I used it I put a tank of fuel in with no millers. (the only reason is I had run out). that did 400 miles. 
now, as a side note. when driving my berlingo, if you tried to pull away from say a roundabout in 4th and it really needed 3rd and was doing around 1100rpm, the car would judder and labour. didn't like it at all, but i felt the car should still pull away. 

The tin is about the size of a can of pop. comes with a paper funnel. with the tank on fumes I added it first before fueling up.
didn't really notice to much at first, but the second journey in the car there was a noticeable difference. 
it was like someone had flipped a switch and turned a rocket on! BG244 ups the octane level and therefore makes the car very responsive.
the idea is, you add BG244 and do short journeys. this allows for BG244 to do its stuff. it needs to soak whilst the car is off then to blow it off when running. 
read somewhere that someone did 400 miles in one go on the stuff and it made no difference to the car's performance.  this remark was met with, 'you are meant to do short journeys in order for it to work!'

And how did my berlingo do?

Well, on that tank of fuel with BG244 I got 450 miles to the mark. 
the car pulled easily and did not labour when trying to use 4th rather than 3rd. It started alot better and there seemed to be very little smoke on cold start up. 

And! Im now on the 4th tank after using it and im still getting 450 miles to a tank and it still drives like a goodun! (also using millers with a tank)
It starts better, runs better, pulls better and AND!! i get an extra 50 miles to a tank! 50 miles!!!! 

Now i know this sounds and reads like a advertisement for the stuff from someone with shares in the company.
but i have nothing invested with them. and do not benefit at all from writing this.

I thought I would take the time to share this with you as I think this product isn't marketed enough. you can't buy it in halfords for instance.
and as most modern diesel cars suffer from carbon build up as they get older it seems logic to use such a product to help maintain the parts doing what they are meant to do on the engines to make them be green and efficient. the same parts that that carbon up and stop being  errrr???...........  green and efficient. Im confused too .
the reason your engine carbons up is the lack of sulphur in the fuel, and a few other harmful things that use to be in fuel. 
the reason you should use fuels like shell and not supermarket fuel is shell and the like put additives in their fuel. supermarkets don't. hence why supermarket fuel is cheap. (they also use more bio fuel).
the reason car manufacturers don't want you using this stuff. simple. they want you to buy more new cars!!

Bit of a read I know, but if you are interested in improving your cars performance and your driving experience you will have made it to this sentence and will probably be clicking on amazon next to see how much the stuff is. (£23.95 delivered) 

Will I use BG244 again? 
I will be using it every 12 months, I don't expect to see as great as an improvement as I did this time as the engine won't be as bad. from what i have read, cars over 30000 miles have see improvements but cars with mileage like mine have seen the most. 
there are other products that claim to do the same, but only BG244 has something I think is called PE added. and its this thats does the business. 

Once again I have nothing to do with oil companies or BG244. 
I drive a truck for a living that's all.

I hope you have found this informative and interesting. this weekend the wife and I are going away for the weekend and will be doing alot of motorway miles. I will post if I see any improvement on mpg with big motorway miles. 

This simple additive has greatly improved my driving experience of my berlingo. the fact its doing an extra 50 miles to the tank! well, brucie bonus. 

Chris.  Cool
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Hi Chris,

That would have been me that has said about it.

One thing that it won't do is make your car go faster - what it will do is return the engine back to a near factory clean condition. It's purpose is to remove all the carbon and varnish that builds up inside the engine, hence why they say you only need to use it once a year.

I use the three stage treatment - i can't remember what the products are called off the top of my head but the first stage is like running an engine flush where you pour the additive into your old oil and leave it to run for 20 mins.

Drop the oil and fill with new and add the additive that stops the build up within the engine (particularly good if you have the 1.6hdi with silly little gauze filter on the turbo).

Add a can of BG244 to 60 litres of diesel and drive it as you normally would.

I've seen a lot of "magic" potions out there which make all sorts of claims but this system is the only one i have used that i know works.

BG244 is fundamentally the same product thats added to the like of Shell V power diesel, not for boosting the cetane rating but as the cleaning additive. Their products are also widely used by the American Air Force.

I will have the induction service carried out on my wifes C4GP as its getting a bit of rough running on tickeover - again it is a 1.6hdi but i have only once ever carried out BG244 in the tank without doing the three stage treatment. I am sure that once this has been done - tickover will be nice and smooth again.
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Thank's for the write up Chris well worth looking into Smile Tree see if you can find the name of the three stage treatment ?  Smile
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Jed, it's all on the bg website. They also do various other items like fuel conditioners, EGR cleaners etc.

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Previous Berlingo: 2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.

Previous Berlingo: K9 2018 Driver M 100ps in Platinum Grey with Safety Pack

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I have used millers in my van from new and mainly do very short journeys its 8 years old now and only done 36k so you can see i dont do much with it now, However no smoke and runs like its new van.

I had a relay which i purchased with 76k on the clock, when i got it it smoked so i started using double Millers in it every fill, within 300 miles no smoke.

I have also found Millers gives me between 3/5 more miles per gallon depending on the vehicle ive used it in. Ive also used it in petrol vehicles and found the same.

I really don't think it matters too much what fuel additive you use as long as you use something.
(11-05-2016, 10:08 AM)Tree Wrote:  Hi Chris,

That would have been me that has said about it.

Thank you Tree. 

I have seen all the products by bg and there is a few videos on youtube. there is one showing a ford having the oil treated. they put in some bg treatment and let it run for 30mins, then changed the oil and ran it again. wow! I wasn't sure when first watching if it was a little trickery. but you can tell the difference in it just by watching the video. 

bg oil treatment video

now i have used the fuel treatment I am a believer.
(12-05-2016, 05:31 AM)Tree Wrote:  Jed, it's all on the bg website. They also do various other items like fuel conditioners, EGR cleaners etc.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

BG products. have a look here
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  • Jed Clampit
I prefer not to use the engine wash products i use a ether a flushing oil or normal engine oil to flush them out e.g. change the oil and drain the filter but reuse the old filter and go for a drive round the block then change the oil again using a new filter. If i do that it takes about 3000 miles for the oil to blacken proving you have removed the carbon from the engine.

the only time i would use a flush product that you add to the engine oil is when you have sticking valve lifters.

likewise on the Millers - I am using now in my almost new Lingo and in the Wifes C4GP but the BG isn't an additive in the same way. Its like giving your engine combustion chamber a deep clean, there is none of this revving it like mad etc to break up the carbon, the principle of the product is dissolve the carbon which it does seem to do fantastically. This is why they recommend only using it at every service interval and there is no need to use it outside of this time.

All engines regardless of fuel used will succumb to varnish and carbon deposits - what this stuff does is remove those, freeing up the engine to burn more efficiently like the day it came out of the factory.
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I used Forte Diesel Cleaner for many years when I had my workshop.Cars that failed the emission test badly Had the fuel filter filled with Forte with the rest put in the tank.It was then taken on a brisk 10 mile "detour" back to the MOT station.The pass rate on retest was extremely high & the one that failed were faulty injectors & other defects not related to a dirty System.Since retiring I have used Millers(5ltr bought by son) & still use the Forte 6 monthly.The difference I have found is that MPG does not increase so much.I'm going to try not using Forte this year & do a thorough MPG check.I also never use supermarket fuel.
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