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Did I make a mistake buying a Multispace ?
So to get you all up to speed I sold my M59 van and bought an M59 Multispace ............. but have I made a big mistake in so doing ???

With the Multispace I seem to be experiencing :

1/  Being cut up, undertaken, horn blown at, tailgated and generally abused and oppressed by other road users in much the same way that my wife complains about when she drives a vehicle, never ever had any of that with a Berlingo van version in fact the exact opposite.

 Point of note - I don't drive any differently than when in my old van or indeed with any other vehicle and I've had quite a few so is this a phenomenon specific to the Multispace car version, I hope not otherwise I may as well be branded a Micra driver ......  Ron I used to laugh at your remarks about drool on the windows but now I'm not so sure you were joking .... 

 2/ Heard folks talk on here about the windows rattling when shutting the doors on a Multispace this never happened on my van but it does on my Multispace too.

 3/ Does the Multispace have softer suspension than the van version ( 600 ) as there seems to be a lot more body roll ?

 4/ Blooming rear hatch rattles / vibes when moving off from standstill and when shutting it, never had that with the van doors so is there anything specific causing this and is there a known solution ?  I'm quite capable of diving in and looking just being lazy as I have a lot on at the moment. 

 Take item one as tongue in cheek but it is in fact a truthful reflection of events and the other items are mere niggles to shrug off as I'm really pleased with my " new " toy especially when my garage owning friend tells me it is " absolutely spot on " .........

 5/ Oh yes one more observation I'm truthfully finding it harder to reverse the Multispace than the van version !!!!  Perhaps there is so much more to see that there becomes more distractions ???

   Oh well my tea break is over time to return to plastering the spare bedroom, only one more wall to go ..... and then the clean up, ugh.
When I had my old combo van and ford focus,when driving the van I noticed car drives kept out of my way but when in the focus I did notice a bit more road rage,but saying that the combo had a dint in every panel back bumper taped up ,never been washed in 6 yrs,looked a right dog ,did the job tho,drivers kept their distance from me,,lol.
A few times I've been tailgated or whatever and wondered if it was the Berlingo, but not sure it's worse than when in other cars. In general I guess people expect you to be slow and boring :-) so don't give too much hassle if you (gasp!) stick to speed limits, can't accelerate fast, etc.

Re 4 - the trim on the back hatch is held on with some stupidly fragile plastic clips which just don't seem to hold on very well - you'll probably be able to feel it's loose if you try around the edges. Broken bits of clips cause the rattle when opening/closing, and the loose trim flaps around too so rattles when you set off. Spare clips are cheap enough on ebay....  these I think but check pic against a broken one...
Well done Geoff for buying an M59 Multi Space.As you know,I had one 'till recently & can honestly say it was the best car I've ever had.I never had problems with excessive tailgaters but at 70+ on M ways & nippy on A roads,I left most behind. I do see a lot of it though,& having very few of our boys in blue on the road,there's little deterrent.I hoppe you enjoy yours as much as I did mine.Not so pleased with my new B9.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
I always think a toot on the horn as a sign of affection and the longer and louded the more they love me. As for the hand gestures I think of it as a scoring system ie the lower number of digits means the maneuver I have completed carries a higher degree of difficulty so a one finger equals a perfect score. I find a smile and a cheery wave usually sends their blood pressure skywards.
Never had the window rattle problem but agree with Johny about back door panel rattle also try adjusting the striker plate on the floor to pull the back door in tight to stop some squeaks or get rid of the mice.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
I can honestly say since iv'e had the Berlingo Multispace iv'e never had so many driver's  turn right across or pull out in front of me do they think it's only a Berlingo so i have plenty of time to pull out or turn right they don't count on the rabid dog getting out of the cab and giving them what for Angry one day i'm going get a count of ten before i come round and find my self lead in the road .  Sleepy
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Ah so its not just me having experience of item 1 then ............. thank goodness for that

Sorry to hear your news Ron perhaps a swap with the " boy " would be in order ...

Rattles - I've done a few already which has made a big difference ( 1.6 Hdi much quieter than the 1.9d so didn't notice many before now ) and will look into the others when the rain stops .....

Cheers all for the replies, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

V Pleased with the Multispace though and my wife likes it ( a lot ) too such that most days she leaves her Suzuki on the drive and uses my Multispace instead !
I seem to always have someone up my Berlingos ass!
Just this week I was casually hoofing it up the A1M at 75ish in lane 2 (Overtaking trucks) and glanced in my mirror to see a stupid electric Nissan thing riding my bumper.
As soon as lane 1 was clear I pulled in expecting to be overtaken but it appears the slip stream effect was the reason it was so close as he started going backwards when I moved over. Foot to the mat and she made short work of leaving the yuppie car in the distant mirror reflection.

Rattles, Has it ever not? I few half bricks in a cement mixer make less noise!
I think my drivers door is just full of shrap to add to the annoyance.

And yes it rolls.... A lot!
In my Toyota I had a tendency not to remove ones foot from the faster pedal going into turns but thats all changed now, Really don't trust throwing it into a sharp bend at speed!
16 Plate Berlingo Multispace XTR
MS is much quieter !

I've made my MS even quieter by ironing out rattles and insulating panel voids, quick and easy stuff for good return.

I run about 8 psi over pressure and get more even tyre wear too.
PLEASE PLEASE tell me how you got rid of the rear door rattling on an M59 Multispace? I've replaced the clips, drilled a couple of holes in and screwed it to the metal door, filled space with foam and the bloody thing is secure... but still buzzes!

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