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Tyres and noise.
On my recent road trip around beautiful Wales, I couldn't help notice the noise of the berlingos tyres in the cabin. 
I have only owned the car since new year and a tyre change was on the todo list. they are not illegal but I had noticed cracks starting to appear in the tread and a few on the walls. they are obviously suffering from age rather than wear. 

I was just going to fit budget tyres but just by chance whilst shopping online noticed the rating system like the one for when you are buying white goods like washing machines. 

After alot of reading, (plenty of time on night shift) ( and no, I don't drive wagons on nights at the moment.) I have decided to go with the goodyear efficient grip compacts. the sticker on the car door frame says to use michelin efficient grip and i have no idea what tyres are on at the moment but they are definitely budget tyres.

so, on the way home I used an app on my phone to measure the road noise in the cabin. a one mile trip along the A6 and I measured 85 db. and along the side roads before my house 75db. 
I will be interested to see what sort of difference the new tyres do. I don't expect them to do as good as the 68db they claim, but we will see.

I will also be interested to see if i see any increase in mpg. (as its claimed) 

since using bg244 my new milage on a tank of juice has gone up to 430 miles on a tankful (from 400). my recent trip around wales has seen my fuel gauge stuck.
I still have over a quarter of a tank of juice and I am on 450 miles on the trip meter. and only a bit of that driving was motorway as we decided to take the scenic route over to Wales. very happy with the mpg. 

I will report back after i have had the tyres fitted this wednesday to see if there is any change in noise. 
I won't really be able to give any information on the grip of the tyres as I have never really been a person that brakes hard or corners hard.
And of course another obvious change that i will be looking out for is any change in comfort over the bumps.   

I was wondering if anyone else has done a cabin road noise test? (of course it helps if her indoors isn't in the car and the radio is off!)  Tongue
Always an interesting topic thanks for posting.

Tyre noise I find increases as the tyres wears as does fuel consumption whereas grip reduces.
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I've got Goodyear Efficient Grips on mine. No complaints at all. They certainly corner well.
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well, after a faff and a couple of schoolboy errors I have some new boots fitted to my berlingo. 

the ones I ordered were the dunlop efficient grip compacts. 

Schoolboy error 1. I failed to notice the size when I ordered. The one's I ordered online were 165/65/R15

Schoolboy error 2. I failed to notice the tyre size that was on the car. 195/65/R15

Fortunately, the guy about to fit them was switched on and noticed my mistake. I had even checked the door jar sticker to see what tyres should be fitted but for some unknown reason, failed to put it all together. (schoolboy error 3)

The very nice and understanding tyre fitter reckons that the dunlop efficient grip compacts are for the petrols and are the smaller size. The 2.0hdi is meant to have the larger 185/65/R15 as stated on the sticker and in the handbook. 

So! in the end I ended up with 185/65/R15 Dunlop SP Sport fast response. 

Ive got to say, anything new after my old tyres would have seen an improvement. My first impression was 'wow! thats better'. and the road home was smoother and more responsive, as you would imagine. 

as for the noise, well the phone app showed it was only 5db down on the last reading. we did go on a new stretch of road and thats was so quiet. so i think alot of it is the road condition and the fact, its really a van. 

There is a lesson here. and that is to measure twice cut once. Confused  

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