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[Engine] Engine not staying idle, air in fuel line
hi everybody hope you can help me into this, i bought a berlingo 1.6HDI in Nov last year then had to replace oil seals two times as the mechanic had not done it correctly, real problem started when i wen to change the fuel filter, i started losing power , takes time to start during the morning,

i recently change the gearbox, clutch & press, heater, common rail sensor, break and disk, alternator, oil cooler, starter all new

when cranking it takes a lot of time, did my fuel pump in timing belt need to be replace??

does that version of van has an in tank pump? 

the prime pump has only air into it,  ( the prime pump is connected to the heater of the fuel filter) confirm me if it is good ?

due to it isn't starting at one go it is tiring the starter. please help am desperate in solving the issue
do the ECU need to be re coded  in order the diesel to be staying in pressure in the fuel lines ? Sad

the mechanics are taking too much money and not doing the work properly here.
the fuel pump driven by the timing belt does not need to be timed. it supplies high pressure fuel to the fuel rail.

 There will be a fuel pump in the tank if yours is the Bosch fuel system. You should be able to hear the electric fuel pump in the tank running when you switch on the ignition ( if you have a Bosch fuel system.)

If the fuel filter seal on the top of the fuel filter is not sealing right then you will have problems with air in the system.  It may not leak fuel out but can draw air into the fuel lines.

The ECU should not need to be recoded
the prime pump is fill with air, i have tow it and engage the 2nd gear for it to start , it started on the 2nd attempt but have accelerate it at over 3000 rpm, else it halt no idle. the fuel filter is air tight seal on top

from the fuel filter the problem starts :/ as the diesel doesn't remain in the pipe,

do i have to change the fuel pump on timing belt for it to work again properly ?
It sounds like you have air getting into the fuel pipe at some point and the fuel is draining back to the tank. Does it start easier after the initial morning start?
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not really much only if i turn it off for 5min then restart it on a flat surface, where is the fault for air getting in the fuel pipe? is it the common rail sensor which was not too tighten ?? am out of solutions Sad
Air could be entering anywhere on the supply side, you could try fitting a non return valve just below the primer pump.
Ifit runs ok once started I would say that you don't need to rplace anything, at least not until you rectify any air leaks.
The difficult part is that, although air is getting in, diesel may not leak out. Check the fuel pipes for any areas where they might have been rubbing and have worn through !
If you have prime pump you don't have tank electric pump.

Check all fuel lines for crack. Follow DaveH advice.

You can try to fit non return valve on fuel line, just before priming pump.
It may help you but it is better to find the real cause of air in fuel.

Best regards,
Update: the engine starts relay with another battery but starts with much difficulty, a mechanic told me its the oil pressure sensor which is faulty, that's why the loss compression and hard start, meanwhile i will remove the oil pan clean it and put a new silicon and on top where the oil cap is there is lost of oil, might be the reason for hard start after i'll do these i'll keep you update,

the prime pump was fine i bought one un necessarily -_-

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