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Brand new 17" wheel advice please, before i buy.....( Update )
A few months back now, i bought myself a 2014 XTR Multispace, but it is decked out in it's original 15" steal wheels, but running aggressive winter tyres.
Decided to sell the winter tyres on before they wear out.
Hoping to buy from "Rim Style" and going for 17" Momo Revenge with a ET of 25

[Image: 9teu5v.jpg]

Can anybody please give some guidance, the web site recommends the tyres as 215/45/17, this is fine, but you are suppose to keep the original diameter within 3% and the recommended size is 3.45% !

Original set up with 215/65 /15 at 62.14mph
                               215/45/17 actual speed is 64.34 mph (I feel this is to much)
Looking into tyre sizes and really would like to use a 45" depth, a size of 225/45/17 actual speed is 63.43, which is not far out from my original set up. 

My main question is, has anybody experience with fitting 225/45/17 without alteration or tyre arch rub ???
ideal tyre size on 17s should be 225/50/17, that would be 0.61% or -4mm overall diameter off your originals.
I run 225/40/18 et27 with no issues at all
well with mine with genuine citroen 18s I would say a little better handling but a little less comfort and mpg, I use 15s in winter with winter tyres. in my opinion the van looks so much better with 18s than 15s and other people have agreed, my van is slightly modified. 225/40/18 and 225/50/17 are very common size tyres so the price is around the same price as original sizes, I use budget summers and I get nearly new continental winters from Germany. the strange thing is with the known rear wear issues on the berlingo my 18s wear on the inside but the 15 winters wear on the outside
Thanks very much for the feedback "Doofer" & "Finny"

To be honest i never thought of fuel economy and i'm really keen on getting the best MPG as i do a fair share of miles.

I was going for used alloys but been looking now for months and there's not many around that are very good, i am fussy !

Finny, your 225's must be very to to clearance ? every time i mention 225's in 17's or 18's they go into a cold sweat, Rimstyle said today "The 225 comes very close to the outer arch on this vehicle so isn’t optimum for clearance"

Decided anything is got to be better than 15's wheels and will let you know what i decide to get and will post some pictures.....
Just a bit of a update.

In the end i decided on 2nd hand 17" "Resolfen" alloys originally off a C4 and got a set including tyres off eBay for £100, so £25 each.
I decided i liked the look of the "Resolfen's" as i wanted more of a full wheel and not many gaps showing brake discs and calipers.

Wheels are in fair condition but will need a refurbishment, going for Gunmetal or original car colour, as of the tryes, 3 are at the wear limits and one is sale-able, but i knew that and just wanted the alloys, so will get new rubber all around.
2 tyres are : 225-45-17
2 tyres are : 235-45-17

So already i have had a little play to see what they look like with clearence and genral look etc 
235's are more in line with original rolling radius, they are fine on the back and ok on the front, but the front clearance is tight'ish

Will update on the final look and colour when they have been refurbished.

[Image: 107tdw8.jpg] 

[Image: 5mng9.jpg]

[Image: df8lk.jpg]

[Image: be7ltf.jpg]

[Image: 21e3sb6.jpg]
225''s / 235's side by side
Just a bit of a update.

Finally got the wheels to the reverb guy and he has just sent me some photos.

Hopefully will collect them this week, get some tyres on and will fit over the weekend and will post some photo's once on the vehicle.

Looking at the finished reverb, they look absolutely fantastic and the reverb man has done a fine job   Smile

[Image: 2wr0kfp.jpg]

[Image: 1zd8y9j.jpg]

[Image: a0e53r.jpg]

[Image: eanqk9.jpg]

[Image: 30svdqa.jpg]
Got the tyres fitted today, so thought it would be rude not to fit the wheels, especially since my Berlingo had been cleaned and polished.

Very happy with the results and glad i went for the gloss finish instead of matt black.
Each wheel refurb cost £60 for a complete strip and paint and it includes a 4 year guarantee. 

[Image: n3x5ed.jpg]

[Image: 14c9mz9.jpg]
The wheel's look great top mark's  Cool
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

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I'm also very curious of the MPG, up to now i have done 7.5K and it's average is 53mpg and that was fitted with winter tyres (Don't ask)  Confused

Will report back.
That looks the mutts nuts mate!

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