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DV6ATED4 1.6hdi engine oil choice
Hi all,

According to the chart I have, there are two recommend oils for my car.

Total Quartz 9000 5W40
Total Quartz INEO ECS 5W30

There's not much difference in price (£1 per litre)

So the simple question i have is which is better and why ?

What is in the link you have above, will it want to download tapatalk onto my computer ???

Isn't the Ineo oil a more up to date oil ?

edit : buy the oil online much cheaper !
Hi Geoff,

The link is the PSA chart with the oil recommendations, as far as I know they don't do a computer app, when I attached the file it said this forum didn't want to host the file and they would host it for other members to download ( if they want) .

I'm not familiar with these oils, so I don't know which is more recent.

Online 9000 is £20 delivered and Ineo £25 delivered

I'm not worried about the price, engine / turbo protection is my priority.

I've read reports that the thinner oil makes the engine noise louder and that the protection was not as good,

Any thoughts anyone ?

Had a Google and the Ineo is the next generation of the 9000, not heard about noise etc ... I use the Ineo and I'm fussy with an ear that listens for things in my sleep, any noise and I want to know what it is.
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Total Quartz INEO ECS 5W30
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Thanks Guys

The Quartz ineo is low saps oil so is required on cars with dpf. The mk3 XTR 110bhp was the only car fitted with a dpf from introduction in 2008. the 90 & 75bhp engines did not have them until about 2010, I think. However, as pointed out Quartz ineo is the recommended oil nowadays & it is what my Cit garage uses so I would go with the ineo 5w 30.
This is what I use great price from Euro parts the 5 litre version
2010 Citroen Berlingo Multispace XTR 1.6HDi in blue
According to Lube Match on Shell Oil website correct oil is Shell Helix Ultra Professional AP-L 5W-30 & not the oil in your picture which is Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5W-30. Or did you post the wrong picture?
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A low ash 5w30 that meets spec is fine, we used to use dexos 2 from Vauxhall unless the customer had special requirements
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