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Installing sounds
Hi all,

I'm looking to add a little extra sound to the van as the original system is pony i.e Headunit sub and boxed 6x9s into van.

I have managed to get the head unit going by swapping that red and yellow wire around. However does anyone know if it's possible to get the stalk controls, usb socket and the dimmer/illumination working to my head unit?

Have you read through the thread car audio Speakers/stereo? On the last page I have written a little about stalk controls. Only certain types of stereo can have them and you also need a special harness for it about £50ish with the patch lead I believe. I'm still trying to save money for the stereo and all that I want... Still at £0 though lol


53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White
Hi Lliam, yeah did check out your thread. Did a search on google and it was that thread that lead me to this site.

Don't surpose you know which wiring is for the illuminiation/dimmer. May have to splice to one which goes into the display pannel above.

Also you mentioned problems when installing the sub? I have ran all the required cables just need to connect it all up and don't want to bump into any more surprises so any heads up would be appreciated.

Here are the ISO for the Berlingo
And the Sony Stereo Harness before I changed pins 4 & 7 around
So the illumination should be A6 I believe. This on my harness was an orange wire i believe (If you have a harness) Hopefully pictures will help (I got the wire places from my mk2 manual)

The sub was the first time I'd ever tried to install one and all I was going on was youtube video's the first bit of trouble was the fire wall but the only place I could get through was the drivers side and had to stab a hole in the rubber with all the cables coming through as I couldn't get it through the conduit with the cables and then I had an earthing problem I hadn't scratched enough at the metal and bolt so I got a wire brush that attaches to a drill and used that, it done the trick.

If you have any other questions let me know


53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White
was looking everywhere for a diagram of the pinouts! Oh right yeah at first I didn't understand what you meant by fire wall, I just went through the rubber bung in the passenger footwell and ran all wires behind glove box along door carpets to the rear.

Got Sub and rear speakers (6x9s) all working now. Much better!!

Next, will have to take a look at that a6 pin. As it's labeled accessories you don't think it would be for the mobile phone microphone or aux ports?
I made the diagrams myself as I found it easier to have on the computer

I couldn't find my way through the passenger side so I went drivers side had to go under wipers then through the wall. I havnt got 6x9's but have the dash speakers which sounds better

A6 was labelled accessories but on my harness the orange wire had illumination written on it and it was A6 it went into. My Sony head unit illuminates fine


53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White
Thats right the orange is labelled illumination however at the iso end plug it doen't match to any pins at the citroen end. Think I got that the right way round lol. My headunit illuminates fine, I just want it to dim as it should when the exterior lights are turned on. I could have it set on a timer if all else fails though would prefer it to the lights.

Also another pain in the backside, just bought a 16gb SD card, not cheap, for the unit. Have put music on but unit reads 'read failed'.
I can choose to dim the screen and it works on my head unit Confused not sure about that one

I don't have an SD card reader in mine, are they MP3's you've put on it? not audio protected or another format, I'm wondering whether they would play in other formats? either that or as it is a 16gb its probably SDHC - does your card reader read SDHC aswell as just SD?


53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White
Yeah think you maybe right there. Have tried an old 512 SD formatted to FAT which works but as you say me new one says SDHC on FAT32. Don't surpose theres anyway to change the format or much point? otherwise I'll wrap it back up and give it to the old man for xmas.
I'm not sure about that. All I know is there's a difference between the two sorry


53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White

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