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Advice for replacing anti roll linkage??
Right folks, my car is going in for an MOT on Saturday and I know that my anti roll bar linkage needs replaced. The knocking is driving me nuts and when it was in getting new tyres they warned me that it needed done. Was going to try and do it myself as I'm told it's not too difficult but never done it before. Any advice on difficulty level and time and what to do, or even if it's just worth getting it done professionally? If it's only going to cost £50 or so might not even bother attempting it?
There are only 4 nuts to undo if you are changing both sides. (-apart from taking off the front wheels) . They can be a bugger to get off as the stud part tends to turn as you unscrew the nuts , some makes  have flats on the stud part for a spanner which makes it awfully easy. But be prepared tp use vice grips or something to hold them with in case they don't. If you have a means of cutting off the old ones like nut splitters etc,  cut them off as there will be new nuts with the new linkages. The new linkages and nuts makes it  easy to refit.

  I tend to say D.I.Y. cos I think they are easy but then I,ve done lots of them  
You ll never now how easy/awkward they can be if you don't try it yourself , if you cant manage them then take it to a garage , at least you tried . If you succeed then it gives a little encouragement to try something a little more difficult , and  before you know it you,ll be changing clutches and engines and rebuilding them   Big Grin
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Thanks for the advice. I am an engineer by trade but just not a mechanic so if it's as simple as you suggest then I'm sure I'll be fine. Maybe see if I can find a tutorial first!
I have done mine several times. You shouldn't have to cut the nut.
If there's no flat they usually take an Allen Key at the end of the thread to hold it from spinning so I have always used that and they come off easily.

Mine need doing again. It must the pot holes round here as I seem to get about 2 years out of them

Only thing to add is Jack up both sides.

You need to release the tension off the roll bar or you won't be able to refit the new one.

I also recommend doing both at the same time.

They are very easy once up with the wheels off it's a quick job.

4 nuts off and 4 new ones on.
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Thanks guys, I've just ordered a pair of OCAP links which seem to have decent enough reviews and were on offer for £15 for the two. Not available for collection until tomorrow though so gives me time to have a swat up on how to do it and I'll give it a bash tomorrow afternoon. I'll let you know if it's successful!
Quick tip, use a ratchet strap to strap up the anti roll bar as it will take the load off of it and make fitting the drop links much easier! Very easy job so you'll be fine!!
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Well, two new drop links fitted successfully. In theory yes, it's as simple a job as can be done on the car. Take the wheel off and the links are right in front of you, two nuts off and then the new link on.
However, not so simple this time round for me unfortunately. There was no flat on the stud part to stop it turning with the nut but there was an Allen Key fitting but every one of these were rounded, I can only assume someone who owned it before me had tried and failed and just given up. Tried to grip it with vice grips but couldn't get enough purchase on it and it just kept spinning. This was the same for 3 of the 4! Eventually got a nut splitter out and tried that but as the they were flange nuts I couldn't split them. In the end I had to get the grinder out and split the nut that way!
Think I just got unlucky this time round and I'm sure if I done it again I would have no problems but hey, it's done! Thanks for the help on this one.
I've never had much luck trying to hold the studs with the allen key hole , either rounded or rounds off when trying to hold them.

Job well done , what's your next one ?
I find if they are seized I get the angle grinder out it saves loads of time.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Should've purchased the Lemforder ones, ocap are cheap rubbish, expect to replace them in 12 months or less, we fit hundreds on all cars and have given up with the budget stuff.

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