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[Brakes] Front brakes binding
Hi All

I have a 2007 Berlingo Van 1.6. I had a problem with the rear brakes binding. I have changed the drums and shoes and changed the front disks and pads at the same time as they were quite badly scored.

The rear brakes now seem ok but the front ones are now binding quite badly. The front O/S disk turned a nice straw colour.

I've fully bled the system twice and cleaned the pistons.
I cleaned all the caliper pins and re-greased them.
The ABS light is on and brakes are binding quite badly. They are very hot in a short distance. It's as if they are not backing off after the peddle is released.

If I manually release the caliper the ABS goes out

Any ideas please. I've looked on the forums other posts but cant find any solutions. Huh 

many thanks
From the information you have given i suspect you may have flipped a master cylinder seal
(21-07-2016, 05:03 PM)polar Wrote:  From the information you have given i suspect you may have flipped a master cylinder seal

Thanks for this. Is this something fixable in terms of take it apart and rebuild or does it entail repair kits etc.
If you take the master cylinder apart you may as well buy a seal/spring/piston kit - if you can get one?

If not just take it apart and have a look to see if any of the seals have flipped and jammed it on. This can happen when pushing the pistons back in the callipers - its rare but it can happen and as it sounds like you have covered everything else its worth a look.
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ABS brakes need the bleed nipple to be opened prior to pushing pistons back to prevent damage to the modulating V/V ( for future reference ) and are only bled with a pressure bleeder not using the pedal / push / open / close method.
^ good point Geoff - i do forget things nowadays - although i have bled them with a vacuum type bleeder.
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Thanks guys.
I'll see if I can get a kit just in case.
I did use an easybleed system if that is what you mean.
The bleed nipples were open prior to pushing back mainly because it is easier to do.
^ much easier , easybleed is fine

^^ vac system is good too
Ok guys.

tried stripping the master cylinder not obvious problems. Reassemble and refitted.
ABS light is still on with handbrake warning light. Disconnected the handbrake warning switch to eliminate that.
So assuming that light is telling me something else is wrong with the system.
Now getting fault code p0500 which is a speedo censor warning. I had the wheels spinning off the ground in 5th gear when this came on. Speedo now not working either.
Done a BSI reset just in case. no change there.

Do i need to look at replacing the ABS unit.
Geoff you mention a modulating VV unit. Is that part of the ABS unit and or can it be fixed if that is the culprit.

Help please I desperately need to be back on the road as Im self employed.
Yes a part of the ABS system, follow the pipes from the M/C downwards until you see a block with lots of pipes coming from it. Not repairable as far as I know.

Were the front brakes ok originally ? Are the caliper pistons moving freely and is it just the one front brake that binds or both of them ?

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