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[Engine] 2.0 HDI Head Gasket swap - Engine in situ
For a month or so I have been having a problem with the car losing coolant. The cooling system was becoming pressurised on runs and blowing the coolant out of the expansion tank. After prodding around I figured out that the main suspect was the head gasket. There was a continuous stream of tiny bubbles entering the top of the tank.
 All the info I could get about removing the head said that it was an engine out job, or you need to drop the subframe. Well, I decided this weekend to have a go at it.

The first thing I will say is that it is not easy! A LOT has to come off the engine and out of the car, and space is tight. The main issues I found were removing the manifolds. How I did this was to unbolt the exhaust manifold and the bolts holding the turbo to the engine, and then pull the whole assembly back as far as I could. There wasn't enough room to pull the manifold off the studs, but it gave me enough room to access the intake manifold bolts and pull it off. I then locked 2 bolts together on each of the exhaust manifold studs and turned them all off.

Access to the back of the engine is limited, but it is possible to get to everything you need too.

I managed to snap the top off a head bolt when trying to remove it, so spent an hour with a dremmel and stone grinding the shank off.

When putting it back together you have to fit the intake manifold properly before trying to fit the exhaust manifold, otherwise there is no access to the lower nuts.

In all it took me about 9 hours, 6 knuckles, 32,816 profanities, and about £70. After a 20 mile there are no leaks, and the cooling system is no longer pressurising.
Well done on getting a result ........

it will take at least half as long next time, only joking !
Fair play Dan
Yes well done there as it is a big job in its own right, made harder by doing it at home ... £70 is a bargain for sure.
Well done, it's a mare of a job .
Quick update- have gone 600 miles since doing open heart surgery on the bling'o, 400 towing a full trailer, and I've had a marked increase in power and a good decrease in fuel consumption. Probably both down to cleaning the intake manifold, and absolutely no problems with pressurising the coolant system. Happy again!
Well done Dan that is good news !
Just got a small problem. I checked the timing belt today and it has been rubbing on the top cover. When I pushed the belt back onto the cam properly and hand cranked the engine it starts to wonder off the cam a little, but no other pullys. Anybody have any ideas?
Strange one how far?

Could be misaligned tensioner/water pump - did you replace these items and belt when you did the headgasket
No, I left em because they were changed in the last 15000 miles, but im thinking I might just throw a new set on to be safe. The belt seems to be creeping of until it hits the cover, I don't think it's trying to fall off completely, but it will be weakening the belt.

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