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Faulty radio
RD4 radio in a 2009 Berlingo van has just give up the ghost, when it was on it suddenly turned itself off and wouldn't turn back on and a few minutes later came back on by itself. It then did this a few more times until it wouldn't come back on at all.

Now I have fitted a twin cup holder and I put it in the top slot and moved the radio down to the bottom slot and just before it started going on and off there was a cold drink in the holder. The holder was a bit wet and there was a bit of water near the CD slot but nothing too dramatic and I have just taken the radio out and nothing looks wet inside it but its a bit of a coincidence.

The other thing I've got is an aux lead plugged into the rear and it when off when that was being used but its been fine for ages.

Now if I get another radio of ebay will I be able to code it myself with the Diagbox software I've got and if so anyone any ideas on how to do it?

Also is there a better radio that I can get that has bluetooth but will still work with the steering controls and display?

Displaying actual radio info is possible but limits your radio choices, far better to get a stalk interface (about 75 quid from memory! Presuming it's a b9) to allow you to set the time etc (it's fiddly but easy once you get used to it!) and then your choice of stereos is anything that accepts a stalk interface input, my favourite being pioneer and slightly less so alpine nowadays (20 yrs ago alpine were the dangles though lol)

As for factory radio, plug it in and it works but beeps, go into radio in diagbox and then just enter configuration and change the chassis number in the radio to your vehicles and bobs your dads brother, any more help feel free to ask!
Cheers, seems to be back to normal today, as doofer says it may have dried out. I would still like to put something better in it though, but all the android radios I have seen seem to be based on old technology, most are still running on kitkat, even my £50 phone runs on Lolipop.

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