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Cruise control Help, advice and pictures wanted
Last weekend me and my mate tried to activate the cruise control on my 2006 1.6 HDi 75 Desire. 

We obtained a cruise stalk, and plugged it it, we set up lexia and activated it in the engine ECU and also in another location (I can't remember where, but it wasn't clocks) took the blingo for a quick test drive and the cruise stalk had no effect at all, there was no visual tell tale, and it didn't activate (over 30mph in 4th gear)

So.... Have I missed something? I've read and read about it on this forum, have I got the wrong clocks? Do I need to activate a setting in clocks?

My mate wants to take the clutch pedal out to gain access to the clutch pedal switch, he thinks bridging the connections will activate cruise, is this a possibility?

Does anybody here have cruise control fitted but nothing displays in the dash? Where should the cruise control tell tale be?

I realise this has been asked numerous times, but I can't find a definitive answer. 

Prehaps a start to end tutorial, with all the different possibilities would be in order and made into a sticky for newbies?

I look forward to hearing your replies. 

Those in the know..... Go Berlingo!
First check in lexia to see if the BSI recognises clutch input - Diagnosis-global-bsi-acuator test. If it does, try turning the cruse control off in both ecu and bsi, and then activating again, I think the order can make a difference. I activated the BSI first. There is no indication when it's running, but you can feel it. It takes 0.6 seconds of holding the button to respond by default, but there is a setting to change that. Hope this helps.
It is software issue. I have 2008 1.6 hdi and can't make it work.
I have tired and searched the web and forums for one year.
Concluded that is it ECU software issue. It is disabled in software.
You have the option in lexia to enable it but after that it is still not working.
I have put ECU firmware from Peugeot in hope it will work. Did not help.

Probably you have to go to dealer to upgrade ECU and BSI firmware then you can have CC

Best regards,
Many thanks for your replies.
Those in the know..... Go Berlingo!
If you look at clocks in configuration if there's no option for enabling cruise your out of luck, I tried and failed with a customers, clocks need to be cruise enabled or your p*ssing in the wind unfortunately

Clocks from a 206/307 which are cruise enabled should help but customer never wanted to go down that route so I never tried it, if you look in servicebox there is various clocks listed with and without cruise unlike later vans where it's just program engine ecu and bsi (and let it go to sleep and wake up properly in my case) and your away, hope this helps, your mate is defo on the wrong track as clutch switch is a safety issue (providing it has one, all hdi's should have one for engine management!)
Mine is a 2005 2.0 HDI, No issue with the clocks, purely BSI and ECU enable and works fine. What I would do is check with a lexia and see if the comm 2000 is recognising input from the cruise control stalk. Make sure everything is being recognised properly, and then enable cruise control BSI first, and see. If that doesn't work, try ecu first.
Actually there won't be an option in configuration as the clocks either support it or not... Anyone with servicebox can also confirm this incase you don't believe me Wink 2.0litres may well have come with the clocks for cruise fitted from the factory as it was a 60 plate m59 1.6hdi I struggled with aswell
Dumdum here are my findings for 1.6 hdi.

In diagbox 7.25 there is an option for CC in ECU and BSI . In diagbox 7.40 there is CC option only in BSI
Thre is no option for CC in ECU. After I put firmware from Peugeot partnet to ECU (10386179) diagbox 7.40 shows
CC option in ECU and BSI. But CC does not work. It seems that only ECU firmware has play in CC because BSI firmware
shows CC in both version of diagbox.

How sure are you that clocks have play with CC ? Above 50% ?

I can acquire some clocks from pug 206 just for test. If it work I will post my result on forum.

Best regards,
Look on service box and part is listed with option for cruise or not with two different part numbers, I'll get a pic of what I'm speaking of if I get time tomorrow for you, I'm 99% certain but happy to know about the 1% lol
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Thanks for the interest in helping me solve this. I've already ordered a 206hdi clock set (nicer than the standard Berlingo) and I'm gonna have a play about this week, one thing I did notice is that the cruise control stalk doesn't seem to 'click' into place, it just sits there, do I need to be firm with it?

Hoping I can get this sorted soon, once again thanks for the replies.
Those in the know..... Go Berlingo!

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