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Is my injector seal leaking?
Hi, is this the famous injector seal leak? If so is it a job that can be done at home?

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when mine started to go with engine running you could smell fumes when stationary, maybe yours is loose and you could nip it up, my van had 85,000 so I just got them all done, special tool cut and reseated seals and 2 were a right pain to get loose, the threads rusts, I had mine done in a garage
(06-08-2016, 02:09 PM)richieski Wrote:  Hi, is this the famous injector seal leak? If so is it a job that can be done at home?

Yes... (it is an injector seal leak)

Can it be done at home? - likely

or with limited tools? - very unlikely. You need a good set of tools for tackling this
Thanks, any specific tools required. I am currently in Spain with limited tools.
Depending on how long its been leaking you may need to recut the injector seat.
That black gunge is usually a tell tale sign of a leaking injector, I had one leaking on a 1.6 TDCI ford engine same as the berlingo and it looked just the same.

The injector is held in via a clamp on the top but mine was really tight to get out so I removed it by starting the engine and letting it blow out slowly, worked perfectly. There is a copper washer down the bottom of the hole which acts as the seal and I believe its these that leak and require renewing, however no matter what I tried I couldn't get the washer out, I tried coat hangers, sticky rods the lot so I ended up just dropping the new washer on top of the old one and putting everything back together. A bit unorthodox but it gave the injector clamp a bit more depth to bite down onto and it is still running sweet as a nut a year later, so does it matter the injector is a couple of mm further back than before, not to me it doesn't.

Someone also stated the metal feed pipe to the injector should be renewed if its loosened off as they are a one time joint but again mine went back no problems and has not leaked.
Thanks all, I went to tighten it today. It was loose compared to the others. Will keep my eye on it to see if it's still leaking. Appreciate all the advice. Looking at it today it's no too tasking to replace the seals anyway, if you can get the copper ones out!
There is a tool that grips the washer and you can get it out that way, maybe a friendly mechanic will lend you one.

I think it would be best waiting until you are back in the UK before trying a job like that though, cant say I've ever driven a diesel 1000 miles on 3 cylinders before.
I used to use a Mac tools right angles long pick with the right angle bit cut to just fit through the washer central hole by 0.5mm, then a wiggle with a screwdriver to engage it under the edge of the washer and I've never failed to flick one out

The only thing with spacing it up slightly is that the jet from an injector will cut metal as the pressure is incredibly high and they are designed to give a set spray pattern in the cylinder so it may work slightly less efficiently, that said yours is obviously fine with it, but it's an expensive mistake if it's not as they will cut straight through a piston with the pressure they build up (that's why you should never unplug a Siemens injector with the engine running as they can stay open and the piston comes up to meet a jet of diesel and holes occur)
This is the best tool to remove the seals, you screw it into the hole & it grips the copper washer and pulls it out, you are only 15% likely to get them out any other way.
Besides the spacing issue of using two seals, often the original seal will have a line burned across its surface, so putting another seal on top will not cure the leak

[Image: 421f5e61c32e80facc4bd2bc8b0cae2e_zpsyxvhgv0l.jpg]

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