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what other types of engine can be fitted into berlingo multispace engine transplant
Ok so my friend needs a new engine for his 2004 2.0 berlingo hdi , 
He has been thinking of putting a 150 bhp bora sports engine into it and can buy the engine at a good price but his worrie is it might not fit , does any off u guys know if it will or what other type of engine can fit around that bhp
I'd like to see some pics on here if he pulls it off!
Anything is possible, but trying to put anything other than a Citroen/ Peugeot unit in will open up a whole world of hurt!!
The engine ECU on the Citroen talks to various other systems such as the BSI / immobiliser / Instrument binnacle. The VW unit would not be compatible with this.
Physically, the engine will need custom made mountings, gear shift and clutch mech to suit VW 'box, Custom exhaust & driveshafts, Coolant hoses to connect VW engine to Citroen Rad (or custom mounts to fit VW Rad into Citroen) and so on and so on!

The biggest problem with be trying to make a VW engine ECU talk to the Citroen systems, and short of being a computer genius, I don't think it's possible.
Do a 210bhp v6 conversion, you'll have to cut the transmission tunnel for gearshift, make engine mounts and cut shafts etc but the electrics are relatively simple to get it running, alongside a de immobilised ecu and although it's not easy it'll be way simpler than putting a vw dash, loom, airbags etc into a French car, even something as simple as the abs ecu would need to be changed, then it's splicing looms for lights etc, big job when a 2.0 gti 180 or similar could've done with about 150-200 hrs work I reckon... It took me I reckon two weeks and lots of favours being called in doing 10hr days to get mine on the road and that was a 210 v6, plus extra for brakes, rear disc conversion, lowering etc

Not worth it! World of hurt having done a load of conversions both my own and through old work! Gti180 in a 205, 306gti6 into a 1.9d 306sw, 406 turbo into 306, 1.8t TT lump into mk2 golf, 1.8t plus haldex setup into golf rallye, late injection beetle engine into 65 splitty, 2.5 senator into 1925 Bentley to name a few!
To be honest you can get 150+ bhp from a good 2.0 hdi with a bit of work. With the 90bhp version you could intercool, wastegate bleed, decat (Or smash the guts out) and remap. Going further you could put the 110bhp 20 hdi from a 406/407, But 150 bph is easily achievable from the standard engine with a little work.
Would it be possible to stick in a 2.0 16v 138 bhp from an 04 to 57 c5? Or a 2.2 twin turbo from the same age of c5 with 173 bhp? Use the gearbox as well and get 6 speed. I thought mu 07 2.0 c5 was a brilliant engine, and I previously had a 2.2 136 and a 2.0 8v 110. I would like a bit more go than the 90 that my blingo has, thinking about a remap and hopefully match the 123 bhp which I think a friends one has.

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2006 Berlingo 2.0hdi desire daily hack
1998 Xantia Activa turbo for fun.
The 2.0 170bhp would be good aswell from the later ds5 I'd think, but yes the 140bhp should fit ok with engine mounts, shafts and the like modified to suit, the six speed box will need a floor cut for the cable pull up shifter aswell
Thanks guys all good points there , will let u all know what his plan is after show him what you all wrote ,,,
Imagine if you could fit the 2.7tdv6 or 3.0tdv6 in there.....
Silver Berlingo Multispace 1.4i Forte

(10-08-2016, 01:49 PM)SilverLingo Wrote:  Imagine if you could fit the 2.7tdv6 or 3.0tdv6 in there.....

You could! Would fit I'd think, be a bit tighter than 3.0 V6 petrol with six speed box and diesel pump...

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