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Passenger AC Fan Fix - 2.0HDI Multispace
I have an 05 Multispace which I purchased recently. I found that the rear fan motor, situated in the multifunction roof liner, did not work. I narrowed the fault to the thermal fuse on the fan rheostat (don't panic! It's a simple fix! Really!) Here's how: Drop the roof liner to expose the fan housing. Remove the fan motor housing from the roof by removing the three mounting screws. Once removed there are two terminal blocks visible, one on the side of the housing and one on the top, above the three outlet cowls. Undo the two screws securing the top terminal and extract the rheostat. You will now be holding a terminal block attached to a green ceramic looking block at the bottom of which are two metal prongs which are bridged by a wire and a small bullet shaped object (Thermal fuse) If you have no fan power on all three switch settings, chances are that the fuse has blown. This can be checked by a continuity test across the fuse with an ohms meter or a test lamp. If there is no continuity this is what you do. The replacement fuse is obtainable from Maplin Electronics for 82p - Part Number RA22Y. Note that the old fuse is not soldered to the prongs but crimped. This is because the fuse is temperature sensative and will be blown if soldered. To fix the new fuse is simple. Snip off the old fuse and clean up the two prongs, solder a small length of wire approx 1 inch to each prong. Once cooled and secure, bare the end of each wire and fit a screw type terminal block. Fit the other side of the terminal blocks to the fuse legs and you are done. (Note that the fuse is non directional despite being pointed at one end) Refit the rheostat, motor housing and roof liner and you should now have a fan working on all three speeds. Remember, when testing for power or function, that the engine must be running for the fan to be powered.

These rheostats sell for between £20-£30 second hand on ebay - If you can get one! Main dealer don't even list it - suspect a complete fan motor and housing!

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does that fan do anything but recirculate cabin air !!!!!
Cheers Dino, that is a really useful fix and a welcome addition to the "how to" library.

And yes, all it does is circulate air, but I still find it useful given the greenhouse tendencies of the Multispace
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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