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[Engine] Occasionally, engine cuts just after starting
M49, DW8 engine, Delphi injection pump.

This engine mostly runs perfectly, but occasionally when it's been sitting for a few minutes with a hot engine, for example after climbing a hill then stopping, it has difficulty restarting.

On turning ignition on, the battery voltage drop suggests that the glowplugs are working OK. On turning the starter, the engine fires immediately but rather weakly, and after a few seconds, peters out. Repeating the preheat doesn't help. Cranking the dead engine for 10-20 seconds gets it to fire up, after which it has to be coaxed with some throttle for a minute or so before it will idle on its own.

I've checked for water in the filter drain; none. There do not seem to be any air bubbles in the fuel return line. No obvious leaks from injectors.

The symptoms are very like a vapour lock on a petrol engine, but I don't imagine that applies here.

Did it to me in Asda car park today, tried to reproduce the fault once back at base, naturally all it would do was start every time. Undecided

Not a major issue at present, but I'm concerned that if I don't find out what's causing it, it will eventually quit altogether. Do quite a bit of hill walking, and if it quit somewhere remote, it could be mighty inconvenient.

-Any ideas?
Sounds to me like a fuel issue , could be air getting into the fuel line between filter and pump or the seal on top of the fuel filter.
Try a new filter and check the o ring around the top of the filter lid.
The fuel filter tops sometime develope a hairline crack letting air in.Check it carefully
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
(23-08-2016, 08:00 PM)ron Wrote:  The fuel filter tops sometime develope a hairline crack letting air in.Check it carefully

check the rubber bung on the unused leak off pipe on the top of the last injector. they do crack and let air in

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