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1.6 16v multispace non runner.
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and just bought a 2003 multispace 1.6 petrol. My troubles started with a misfire, I sourced a good used coil pack from a c4 and it was back on 4 again but now it splutters and coughs after its warmed up. Today I drove it to work and it wasn't happy unless I kept it in a low gear with the revs above 2k. I'm a mechanic by trade so plugged it in on my break and its come up with injector control for all 4 cylinders, clearing the code does nothing as they return when cranking and now it won't start at all. I've checked the wiring in the rubbery loom to the injectors that's all fine and checked the plugs for a pulse when cranking but no power to the injectors at all. If I spray carb/inlet cleaner down the intake it'll run for a second or two so the spark side of things is ok just not getting signal to the injectors. I run my test light over the fuses (no handbook or anything to tell me what was what) and there didn't seem to be power to the bigger fuses (30 and 40 amp) could be unrelated but thought they would be live as they're the heavier amperage fuses. Any input would be great fully received. 
Thanks james
If I had to put [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] on calling where the problem is, I would bet safe it's the 2nd hand coilpack. The symptoms sounds awfully close to the coilpack being faulty and also are you sure C4 is compatible with the TU5JP4? Maybe this is why they ain't talking to the injectors. Order a coilpack, make sure its exactly for the 1.6 16v Berlingo (around 45-50gbp), see if that fixes your problem and while you wait you can try different spark plugs as well. I remember when I replaced mine shortly after it took out the spark plugs for some weird reason. Few months later the fuel pump. There is one thing to remember and use as guide lines.......French + Electrics don't mix together! So 99% of the chances are it's something electric.
Your a mechanic and can't fix it???
(24-08-2016, 09:26 AM)Johny555 Wrote:  Your a mechanic and can't fix it???

You wouldn't believe the problems that modern electronics cause garages.Sometimes even the manufacturer can't fix them.I retired from the motor trade in '07 & it was bad enough then. Angry
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
(24-08-2016, 09:26 AM)Johny555 Wrote:  Your a mechanic and can't fix it???

You need a technician these days not a mechanic. Searching through menus on a computer for a fault is not like getting the spanners out when you know for definite what is broken.
So where does this bit go then ?
The code reader was saying injector control on all cyls so I decided to check the wiring from the Ecu to the injector plug, the plug had 5 wires, a thick pink wire and 4 thinner cables of various colours. The thin wires has continuity from Ecu to plug, the thick pink one had nothing, I cut the casing off the loom and traced the wire to the fuse box under the bonnet. I took the plug apart and found the terminal broken inside the plug. A quick solder of the terminal and she's running sweet as a nut. Johnny555 the answer to your question is yes :-) I was just on here looking for advise from the people in the know.
Citroen/Pug under bonnet fuse boxes are notorious for causing problems.

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Yes I am an angry old fart.

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