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top right engine mount
looking at replacing my top right engine mount, seems its two parts, bottom one being:

And the top one :


The second one looks exactley like what I have at present, while the first looks like one of the rubber sections is significantly larger than the other. Any advice on which to go for? If it's the first one which way round does it go? thicker rubber at the back??
scrap that, first link is for a differant model, looks to be 96 - 03 only
right, got the one in the top link and the one in the bottom link, but it too looks to be made for one side to sit forwrd and one aft, can anyone advise ? one of the 'tabs' the rubber mount is on bends at 90 degree to the base (right on the picture) , while the other isn't quite as square....(left) [Image: $_1.JPG]

I ask because i've got it back from the garage and it doesnt look right, looks like the left side on the picture is facing forward, and the metal at the top is actually touching the painted white section of the engine bay(and i think causing some bad vibrations over 50mph and when the van is 'unweighted like going over a hump in the road)
Hi ,
If I recall correctly the mounting only fits one way. That is the proper shape.

I would check the rest of the mountings in case they are causing the vibrations
Thanks, I found an old engine bay picture from before it went in the garage and right enough it had been re-assembled incorrectly, (some clever mech had put a mark on one of the sides) so asked them to install the new one I had when fixing their mistake.

Now there is another bloody vibration which is resonating through the entire van between 1200-1800 rpm both in and out of gear. Also a bit of a knock when going into first and almost constant light knocking when engaging the clutch n reverse...... I'm convinced its the small bush on the dogbone/bottom engine mount but the garage said it was OK. I think i'll just have to head over first thing in the morning and tell them it's not right and I need it sorted. Had the battery and tray out today and the left mount certainly looks OK to me, but im reading alot about bushes looking fine and then falling apart on removal...
Right, bit of an ongoing saga this one!

The 'new replacement' I mentioned above was the wrong part, it was causing the 1200-1800rpm vibration, and the issue in reverse. It's been replaced with the correct part, the wrong one was lighter, and shallower, so the engine was sitting too low. (could see where the paint had worn away from the old rubbers at the drivers side engine mount and this new one was sitting lower on unmarked paint)

Since replacing it with what is definately the right part, there is a knocking when accelerating in 2/3/4/5th gears, if im just cruising at 30mph its non existent, but when the revs are up and im accelarating hard there is a knocking like if im driving on cats eyes, ie; it speeds up as the van does. In addition when accelerating, the gearstick moves at the same frequency as the knocking, and when i take my foot off the accelerator it's almost like i can feel the engine rocking back and forth a bit.

So, the top drivers side is 100%.
The lower rear - Larger one was replaced when clutch was done recently, smaller one has been looked at and it appears to be fine.
Leaving only the passenger side engine mount which I believe is also known as the gearbox mount..... I've got the part (100% the right one and good quality) so I will try and get it done next week sometime when I am off work.

If it's not that im gonna crack!
So spent an hour after work putting a new gearbox mount in, and it's still ******* knocking!

thinking it must be bloody CV joints or something, literally feels like im driving on cats eyes, and it's now apparent at 30mph, accelerating or not, so has got worse!

of course a quick look under the car shows all CV boots where they should be so I haven't a clue what the hell is going on, also the gearstick movement is getting worse, but still at the same frequency as the 'knocking'

getting really sick of this now as it's stopping me going anywhere.
It'll be the small bush in the lower engine mount. I had the same thing on mine. Looked fine. Bush is £16 at a dealer and takes about 20 min to change if you have access to a hydraulic press.

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Jacked it up one wheel at a time tonight, when i try to turn the wheels side to side both have a little bit of play in them, I don't think this is teh issue as I wouldn't explain the gearstick and i don't feel anything in the steering.

the drivers side drive shaft has a little bit of play in out between the gaiters when i grab the drive shaft.

The feeling through the gear lever is like the engine is being moved back and forth or up and down with each revolution of the wheels, could my drive shafts be badly misaligned since replacing engine mounts or for some other reason?

both wheels make a slight noise when turning also, but again i dont think this is the issue
(10-09-2016, 09:10 PM)miccheck1516 Wrote:  The feeling through the gear lever is like the engine is being moved back and forth or up and down with each revolution of the wheels

Yes. It's the small bush in that rear engine mount.

It might "look" ok but it will be the issue. If you really want to check it, you'll need to get the car up on ramps, lie underneath it with a crowbar or similar and lever the engine mount so it's solid while someone you trust revs the engine a bit. You'll see and hear the difference with and without the bar jamming the bush solid. In my experience there only needs to be the slightest amount of play in this bush and it will move.

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