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YHello everyone 
I am a new owner of a berlingo van on a 13 plate.
I have become aware to my horror that there is an issue as to regards to a design fault that affects how the tires Wear out, especially the outside rim of the rubber.
I know it's probably been talked about to death on here but has this been solved conclusively because I have a van outside with those issues that at the time when buying I didn't think anything of it, thinking it was an easy fix at a local garage, looking at other web searchs it looks like it's going to never get solved and cost a lot in money changing tires every 20 thousand miles!
I would appreciate any advice, I was looking forward to possible doing lots of miles making a camper van of sorts visiting family and friends around the uk, a bit freedom from it all.
As in 20 thousand miles changing all four tires rears should last double that under my understanding, p.s I don't understand why I wrote YHello, I am not from America? iPhone typos or my fat sausage fingers  Tongue
Hello Madhouse welcome to the forum good to have you with us yo'll fit right in sorry to say some have this problem if you put air pressure on the higher side they say with a loaded van this mite help but people with this problem have said it's the real axle has been welded together in the jig wrong and live with it .
Citroen will tell you there isn't any thing wrong their Customer care sucks that an under statement  i'm dealing with them  at the moment iv'e never had such poor service you get a better result talking to your self this is why the French government / Chinese have to prop them up.
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Oh well looks like I am going to have to work something out myself, it's shame that they don't value a good reputation.
Yeah I run empty most of the time, it's a shame that the van has such a fault as I love to drive it, it's such a school boy error type af problem, if they admitted it I would buy the modification! 
Thanks for the reply.
My 64-reg wore the outer edges of the fronts. I took it for a four-wheel alignment and they found that one of them was out by about one degree. This doesn't make you drive round in circles for ever - of course you compensate by nudging the steering the opposite way. So this means that you end up with both wheels getting the edge scuffed off them, even though only one was out, as they're both not quite going in the direction they're pointing - basically they're skidding sideways all the time.

I caught mine before the fronts became illegal, had it aligned and swapped front to back. Now the fronts are wearing perfectly evenly, and the back ones hardly wear anyway.

I keep mine pumped up to the max rating from the door label - whether loaded or not. It makes the ride a little on the hard side, but it's fine. I use mine as a car and van, and I couldn't be bothered to mess about changing them all the time, so too hard is better than too soft. I also found I get better fuel economy too.

So don't panic - at least not until you've tried an alignment and pumped them up. It doesn't cost much, and most of the chain tyre shops can do it. Local garages don't have the gear to do it, and dealers probably don't either.

Mine's done 22k miles, and they've got a bit left in them. They might make it to 30k, which is about what I've always had from other cars in the past, from very rough memory.
Absolute ball-ache, honestly!
It reminds me of a washing machine I had that went up in flames in my house.
The forensic electrician came out and said he has a warehouse full of this brand that has went up and destroyed homes.
I said but what about the risk to lives and property, he said the companies don't care most of the time the machine is burnt beyond proof of evidence and if like mine it gets put out so it's blatantly the cause they would rather pay the compensation whatever the cost if one of the machines go up than recall thousands of machines and lose reputation because most people won't complain if they get a new kitchen!
I got vertualy a new house interior no questions asked because of the washing machine but they didn't admit liability or accept responsibility, but sombody knew in that company that they had ticking time bombs, essentially incendiary devices.
Sombody must know at Citroen that the suspension is pony and is saying nowt!
(24-08-2016, 07:41 PM)Madhouse Wrote:  As in 20 thousand miles changing all four tires rears should last double that under my understanding, p.s I don't understand why I wrote YHello, I am not from America? iPhone typos or my fat sausage fingers  Tongue

Well he wrote tires not tyres so he might be American  Big Grin   Can't help you with the tyres but I'd buy a cheap set and get the tracking sorted till the wear is evened out then find the settings and write them down.
So where does this bit go then ?
I am not amercican mate just thick as mince, honestly if this thing didn't spell check you would think I was amercan mate.
Yeah sounds like a plan, cheap tyres, get tracking sorted, if it an be sorted, if could be sorted we wouldn't be having the issues this design has .
I would be happy to get 20,000 out of my tryes, I'm lucky to get 15,000,
I can only speak for me, and mine was taking the outer edges off the tyres and now it's absolutely perfect. Mine at least doesn't have a massive flaw of any description.

I'd assumed that it meant that the wheels were tipped outwards but that wasn't the cause. Basically they weren't pointing in the right direction, which has the effect of taking the outer or inner edge off the tyre.

[Image: wheel-alignment-illustration.png]

You only need one of the two to be toed in or out, as you compensate with the steering to go in a straight line and both get worn equally. So you can't tell which one is out from the wear pattern - if both are worn then one, the other or both are out.

I bought mine new, and it had a suspension squeak for the first 1000 miles. This then went away. I'm assuming that something settled into place after a few miles, which changed the geometry from how it was set up at the factory - if it ever was set right in the first place.

If you've got steel wheels and covers then pull the covers off before going. At Kwik Fit at least (I don't recommend them) they don't bother pulling them off first, and they reckon it works fine with them fitted but I don't believe them - not for working to 0.1 degree anyway. They might be right but I doubt it. So to save the arguments I had with them, just pull the things off.

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