Anyone had problems connecting to OBD?
I have smoke problems on my 2006 1.6HDI 90 but I can only intermittently connect to the OBD port to check codes. Has anyone else had this or know which connections to start checking? would be nice if a bad connection somwhere was the cause of my smokiness too Smile
What colour of a smoke. White or blue?
Lovely thick black stuff on power (sorry excuse of "on power" as its not getting any of that either) getting MAF and Air in temp circuit codes but struggling to connect reliably to the ECU. Got MAF in the post at the moment I dont think that will fix the smoke but disconnecting that stopped the misfiring I also had initially - joy!

Other stuff Ive checked are:
EGR valve disconnected- no change
EGR valve motor top off and manually operated - seems free and when closed does not change anything - though now I have a spare EGR I see its a poppet valve and not a butterfly so maybe what I thought was turning the motor in the EGR wasnt actually. but rotating the metal plate ontop of the 'motor' by 90 deg did have effects on the engine. fully clockwise the engine revved as normal with lots of smoke. fully anticlockwise it wouldnt rev at all which suggest to me that is fully open and the valve was operating.
turbo seems to spin ok without exessive play
1 min idling produces about 2 cups of oil from the turbo drain hose so plenty flow there
Disconnected cat from the turbo so turbo exhausting straight into engine bay - no change
Throttle valve is working
turbo actuator is working (maybe a little slowly but could be a result of the engine reving so slowly )
Ok fixed the bad connection issue, 1 of the pins in the OBD connector had pushed in.

On the smoke front a new MAF sensor has resolved that but not the lack of power. I have been round to a freinds who has an 07 berlingo 1.6HDI to compare turbo actuator movements with my 56 plate. But when I popped the bonnet theirs has what looks like a vacuum actuated wastegate turbo, it does have the intercooler too. Mine has a much bigger vacuum actuated VG turbo. The engine code in the VINs are the same - 9HW - Should I have a VG turbo?
Now I've cleared the fault codes and taken it for a very slow run out I Got P0238 Turbocharger Boost Sensor (A) Circuit High Input. Have tried swapping Inlet pressure sensor with my mates with no change. anyone with any more ideas?
Got a Bluetooth OBDII reader so I can now see live data through my phone. After I got past being a child with a new toy I found that when the engine is turned off the boost is reading as -0.3PSI and when the engine is revved the minus number goes up instead of getting a positive number. Going to check the reader on my mates van to see if its just that giving dodgy readings. Then stick a proper boost gauge on. But Am thinking that with a negative reading with the engine off there is a wiring fault.
The dials also flick back to their stops when I turn the ignition on and I also get 3 beeps from something. On my focus the dials thing means the battery is low which it is as it keeps loosing charge (thinking wiring again) Anyone know if the 3 beeps could be related?

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