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Newby says hello
Hi all

I am a long term Citroen owner. Currently own a very nice 1990 grey Charleston. When I retired I looked at buying a Citroen C Zero but opted for a Mitsubishi i-car with the peppy 660 odd cc turbo petrol engine for shorter trips.I am currently looking at buying Citroen number twenty. a Berlingo Multispace Desire and I have two in my sights. 

A 2006 Berlingo Desire 2.0 HDI with 115 k miles and 5 dealer stamps plus non dealer more recently & cam belt and water pump and clutch fitted [with proof] at 80k and 100 k respectively. In very neat condition  good colour with fully functioning air con. & years MOT. Car is round the £2000.00 mark.

Second up is a 2007 1.6 HDI [07 reg] also a Desire also nice condition darker colour with the upgrade of air condition working also a good service history, cam and water pump done, on 90,000 not so sure if clutch is done but pedal has good bite. Car is at the £3000.00 mark.

So, it would seem that both have had regular service history.

A couple of questions I would like to ask.

Is leaking and or condensation- on damp mornings,  a known problem with all those non opening small sun roofs?

Are the sliding back doors prone to sticking or coming off hinges?

Rattles or squeaks?

And of course, the engines I have heard that the 2.0 hdi is a stronger tho less peppy than the 1.6 hdi unit. And that at least with the 1.6 very good oil and regular oil changes are more vital.  Do either sport a DPF? 

 I'm retired and no speed merchant, these are pure shopping cars, that and  going to the local re-cycling and trips to relatives and friends both in the UK and on the Continent is what I am buying the car for.

Probably a lot more UK trips now I think on short breaks, we took the deuch to the Somme commemorations where I lost at least 3   relatives and the ICCCR this month and for sure the pound has weakened.

So, how long is a piece of string? Certainly I am interested in whether one or the other will make the best long term [with regular oil and filter changes]  So what do all you people who have owned one or preferably both or worked on them think?

Many thanks for any feedback!!!
Well, I have got it down to a low mileage 1.6 hdi 2007 model. I was a bit taken aback not to have any feedback but guess I should have put up  my query on a technical page of this forum.
Hello Charles .. sorry to hear you were in the wilderness so to speak this doesn't normally happen !

Yes putting questions in a hello post can mess things up a touch... I have to go out now but will kick things off ( I have a 1.6Hdi Desire )

Good vehicles all round, service history all important !
No leaks, sunroof all good, sliding doors don't fall off, no DPF or DMF, less tax with a 1.6 and more civilised / refined engine - 2 power outputs.

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