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Berlingo multispace vtr petrol buying advice please
Hi, looking for a bit of advice if poss - I'm thinking of purchasing a 08 onwards Berlingo multispace vtr 1.6 petrol. It's quite low mileage and a good price - I don't do a lot of miles (work 3 mile - school run and the odd car boot Big Grin ) so a diesel probably isn't for me...and not in my budget with low mileage  Big Grin

I used to own the old mk1 lingo' 1.9d which was bombproof but fell foul from an impact from a Toyota avensis Angry 
Im looking to buy another because I miss it for space and I quite like the newer shape! 
Has anyone any advice what to look for on the petrol version please?
I agree about petrol being better for your use.I don't think the petrol engines are prone to any little nastys but if I'm wrong someone will let me know in a very polite way  Big Grin
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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Cambelt change interval for petrol is less than diesel. about 75k miles I think so ensure that has been done or budget for getting it done.
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(07-09-2016, 06:05 PM)doofer Wrote:  Hello and welcome!

When was the petrol VTR made?  When I bought mine a couple of years ago, the petrol one was a special poverty-spec version.  I don't know how it differs from the VTR though - looking at the price, it must have had cardboard seats and no windows.

Used prices should be good though - if you can find them.  I don't think I've ever seen a Berlingo that's not a diesel.

I agree though, that a petrol one sounds right for 3 mile journeys.
Hi, there's a few petrol ones knocking about from 08 onwards - not many though 
The vt was the basic of basics I think 
I think the vtr spec adds colour bumpers - fog lights and a few other electric bits  Big Grin Oh and steel wheels!!  Confused
(08-09-2016, 09:38 AM)doofer Wrote:  I reckon you'll get a good one for a bargain price if you can find one.

There's nothing wrong with poverty spec by the way - we had a base-model previous version and it was great.  You can always add your own bells and whistles if you're actually bothered.

My 64-reg XTR has steel wheels.  When you step up from the manual to automatic they snatch the alloys back as a chip-in to the cost!  To be fair, the auto was about £500 extra, whereas almost every other car is £1000+ for an auto.  Plus you got cruise control as standard and saved £100/year on road tax.

That's a point - check the CO2 figures, as the road tax goes up rapidly above the lowest bands.  Mine's £30/year, but I'd assume a petrol would be more.

Thanks, it is a good price but now I know why.......
I've just checked the tax band and it is J!! 
That's £270 a year!!! For a 1.6?? 
That's why nobody wants them I guess.....think I might look for another 1.9er diesel  Big Grin

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