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[Engine] Cutting out Y reg 1.9d. MAF?
Hi Guys. A couple of weeks ago whilst travelling, down a very rough lane i managed to knock my Air Filter hard enough to break the brackets connecting the filter box to the car and also put a big hole in the side of the filter box. The upward impact knocked the intake air hoses off their mounts and the base of the filter box was brokenAs I was right out in the sticks i had no choice but to bodge a repair which meant that the filter box is now hanging on cable ties and the various holes repaired with 'battle tape', sticky backed aluminium sheets. I was quite happy with the repair considering the limited facilities available and have been trying to source a replacement air filter housing without spending a fortune.

Since this knock though the car has not been running too well, rougher/lumpier than usual and in the last week has begun cutting out. At first i suspected air in the system (and still do) as it was cutting out on hills, particularly long hills, however, having sealed a couple of places that i thought the leak may be coming from it now copes with hills with little trouble but is still cutting out about once or twice every 5 mile trip or so, but it now cuts out on level ground, sometimes as i ease off but sometimes as i am just driving at a constant speed i just lose power, the car starts to slow down and then, more often than not, cuts out. It always restarts, usually after a couple of attempts.

Reading the various threads about this type of (seemingly very common) fault, I am now wondering if the damage to the air filter housing or associated bits (MAF) could be causing the ECU to cut the power. I'm not very good with the electronic bits of cars so any advice about what could be causing this and how to test the relevant components would be appreciated.

Also, what is a good way to test the plunger type hand primer for leaks. Sometimes it seems to pump until it gets quite stiff, other times it doesnt seem to be doing anything at all.

3 times now ive thought ive found the fault/leak, seems to be fixed for a couple of runs and then starts playing up again, so what am i missing?
Thanks in advance.
I would go to the scraper and get a air filter box first,then go from ther
I've just gone out and tested the hand primer. It does not seem to be pumping fuel as i can see an air bubble in the clear section of hose just rising and falling by an inch as i pump but not actually going anywhere. I can see air in both clear sections of pipe but far worse on the outlet pipe( from top of fuel filter). If the plunger has failed would it allow air into the system? Is there anyway of sealing the primer, with grease etc to prove that that is the fault? Can i replace the plunger/diaphragm or do i need to replace the entire filter housing?
(09-09-2016, 09:11 AM)Johny555 Wrote:  I would go to the scraper and get a air filter box first,then go from ther

Yeah, 3 different scrappies, several models of Blingo but so far no filter box so still looking. Sad

But would the box being a bit loose cause the car to cut out? If so i will spend the money on a new filter box and be happy but i just cant see how a slightly damaged air filter housing would cause the engine to stop. Is this to do with the MAF feeding back to the ECU?

At the moment i'm looking at spending £100 or so on a new air filter housing and a new fuel filter/primer housing but im not sure if either of them are the culprit.
I would think it more likely you have damaged something on the fuel side if you had a hard enough knock to do that much damage to the airbox. Have you checked the underbody fuel lines? You shouldn't have air in that pipe, but yes, the plunger going faulty could cause this, but check for damage first.
Thanks Col. Checked the underbody lines visually and sprayed WD40 around every joint i can see with the engine running and i cant find any leak. However after discovering that my primer plunger was not functioning i gaggled the exterior of the primer and filter lid with grease and it has run for 5 days with barely a hiccup. Seems to search for fuel slightly on long hills at low revs but hasn't cut out since.
So, i have a new filter housing on order, as, until i replace that i wont be able to tell what else is wrong, if anything.

Any tips on replacing the fuel filter housing? I have a functioning vehicle right now and i dont want to mess that up. It seems straightforward enough in the Haynes (but then it always does in the Haynes, eh?)

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