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Advise please on known problem tyre scrubbing
Hi all,
After a bit of advise with ref to known tyre scrub problems please.
Van is booked into Citreon dealership this coming Wednesday, have any of you got any key wording to use to the mechanics when I drop the van off please.
Also have Citreon admitted that this is a common problem and is there a bolt on or retro fix for this problem.
Thanks in advance.
Just get the wheels aligned - only panic if this doesn't solve it. Mine was shaving the outer edges off the fronts, but a full alignment completely cured it.

Mine's under warranty but I didn't bother troubling the dealer about it. Any decent tyre place should be able to do it, I don't know whether most dealers even have the equipment. Alignment's just a maintenance thing really.
Ok got van back today, they took it to a tyre garage for a 4 wheel alignment, guess the approved Citroen centre don't have their own... Anyway to cut a long story short both Citreon Uk and the approved CITREON CENTRE deny having a known tyre scrubbing uneven wear problem. If any members would like to share there experience, I would be willing to take this to Trading standards if it looks like there could possibly be a case for withholding potential safety critical information from its customers.

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Did they give you a report on the before/after positions of your wheels? The alignment systems should print a report automatically. One of my front wheels was over one degree off to the side, which is why it was scrubbing off one edge of both fronts. As they explained to me, you don't drive round in circles - you steer to negate it, with the result that both tyres get worn.

Car companies always deny everything until the evidence gets overwhelming. It took Watchdog showing photos of dozens of burnt out Zafiras before Vauxhall would admit there was a problem and recall them. Even if they know there's a problem, a recall is expensive. So if they think they can get away with denying it they will. Money talks.
Latest update is that they will now only investigate further if I put the original steel wheels and tyres back on, it goes back in this Wednesday, guess what they propose ... re- track the van, my question is how will re- tracking align the rear wheels to stop the uneven outer edge tyre wear ???!!!

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They do have to start somewhere and i doubt a dealer will track it themselves they will send the vehicle out for a 4 wheel alignment check - make sure you get a copy of that report.

If you are still having problems i suggest you give these people a call you will have to pay for their report but they are very good at helping coustomers with manufacturers problems. We used them on trucks when we had problems - they found things like twisted axles and allsorts of stuff. If we had left it up to a warranty claim the trucks would have been eating tyres for ever!

Good luck
Any decent tyre place should be able to do a four-wheel alignment and give you a printed report. Just phone somewhere and check - it might cost £30-ish, but at least you'll then have a clear picture of what's what.

It might be best to put the steel wheels back on if you want Citroen to take responsibility though - otherwise they'll just blame your wheels, and a court, trading standards etc would probably agree. If you're not using the original wheels then any wheel/tyre-related problems are probably yours rather than theirs.

What are the detailed tyre sizes of both the tyres for your alloys and the originals? If the overall radius is significantly different then this probably will result in the alignment being wrong. If so then either you need different tyres, or perhaps just need an alignment with them fitted (accepting that it's not Citroen's problem if they continue scrubbing).

The reports should include full measurements of details of camber and caster for all four wheels, even if they can't adjust some of the settings - see example...

[Image: 91456d1213683303-my-alignment-report-new-alignment.jpg]
Latest update went back to Autoworld (approved Citreon dealership ) with steel wheels fitted,they said they we will re track for free., which they have done but van still has some problem, and they want now to further investigate. So took it back Thursday and no works carried out, so now going back in Monday... fingers crossed . Ps they gave me a print out of 4 wheel alignment, but if they cannot adjust the rear, then surely they cannot align the vehicle correctly can they !!

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I think there may be some adjustment at the rear - not sure though.

If they've identified that it's not right then that's a great start. Now the ball's in their court, and it's their problem.

Let us know what happens - I'm sure lots of people will be interested.
I had an issue with the rears wearing on the outsides. Tried numerous different places and finally got sorted at a Citroen dealership near me. It's in Ireland tho. What the did was put a jig on the back axel to re-align it. I've done nearly 10,000 miles since and tyres are wearing perfect.

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