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Buying a new or nearly new van.
My 2002 is getting near retirement time i think, 14 years old so maybe its time to retire her. shes served me well.

I see Van monster have a huge stock of Berlingos/partners 
Wondering if anyone's bought from them ? any advice very appreciated.
Im planning on bringing a mechanic with me to pick one out.
Mind you
Saving a while longer and buying new with 3 years warranty is certainly worth considering too.

I've had bad experiences of buying nearly-new in the past. Not a Berlingo, but other makes. We had a steering wheel that pointed left to go in a straight line (possibly accident damaged?), the wrong tyres fitted, wrong grade of oil in the engine, a glovebox that had been filled with spilt smelly milky tea, stink of fag smoke, wet dogs, etc, etc.

Some are just good honest pre-registrations and showroom stock. Others could have been crashed, rejected as they were faulty or a thrashed ex-hire van. I'm not saying they're all bad, but you've got a much higher chance of getting a problem one if you get nearly new. Of course buying new isn't a guarantee of perfection, but at least it won't be someone else's reject. From what I've seen, most people don't look after their cars/vans at all well. Just have a look through some windows next time you're in a car park to see the state of typical interiors. A mechanic can't see every problem, especially after a clean-up.

We were planning to buy used when we got ours, to save some dosh. I'd say go and talk to a dealer and see what happens. We got £3k off the list price without asking for discount, then got a £500 extra chucked in for nothing and got a very high trade-in too. In the end it would have cost about the same to buy a 6-month old one. There are also websites that will get competing quotes (from proper main dealers) if you tell them what you're after. You can still get warranty service at your local dealer even if you get it delivered from the other end of the country. I think drivethedeal is one, but there are others.

So I'd say go new, and you might not even need to save much longer anyway.

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