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Valve clearances - cost to shim
Had this job done on mine (2002) at around  110'000 miles and as the cold weather starts i can hear the same problem starting again with the van now at 150'000 miles.

How much should this job cost approximately ? Not sure if my money would be better spent towards a new van at this stage.
If its only done 40,000 mls it shouldn't need done again . If the timing belt is due get it done then.

I cant find any ref to adjusting valve clearances in the service book for my 2001 1.9d , only the LPG models give a interval.

When I had my sump off there was some play on the chain for driving the oil pump, it sounds the same as rattly tappets.
Clearance adjustment is a camshaft removal job so a lot of work, think of cambelt service plus two more hours work and you'll be close on cost.

Clearances could easily need adjustment again after 40k miles.

From experience I always advise setting the clearances to the lower tolerance limit as once valve recession begins it continues at a faster pace, setting to smallest setting gives a greater service interval with no detriment - you are after all working within Citroen guidelines.

Look towards another vehicle ? Depends on the current state of repair of your existing one.
Thank Guys
Van is in pretty good shape otherwise, had a few bearings done last year and the fuel pump replaced this year, gets serviced every 7000 miles on the dot, tyres are good, brake pads done 2 years ago, new exhaust 3 years ago.timing belt recently done too, maybe i should consider this job, hard to know, i do like the van.
No real reason not to then it seems as it is set up for many years to come.

Ask a local garage for a price and see where that takes you, it can be done DIY but takes time - I've done a few now.
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Cheers mate,
How long should one expect these vans to go on for ?
Hi Guys

My 2003 has now completed 220k and still going strong just bought another to keep it company keep on top of it and they will last forever
"Communication is the Key to everything"
So i got a decent price to get this work done and have gone ahead with the job,
The old girl will be back on the road in the next day or 2 Smile I'll hang on to her for a while yet.
150'000 miles and still going strong.

I wonder how long can i realistically expect this van to keep going for ?
Got her back,
clearances shimmed, sludge cleaned out of tank and intake pipe,
Running really quiet and smooth now plus loads more poke .
(12-11-2016, 07:28 PM)michaelg Wrote:  Got her back,
clearances shimmed, sludge cleaned out of tank and intake pipe,
Running really quiet and smooth now plus loads more poke .

Well done a good result !

Out of interest what were you charged to do this work ?  It may help others bite the bullet.

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