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[Engine] Emptying out the cat converter, benefits?
I'm planning a large service on my 1.6HDI 75hp (9HV DV6BTED4) and was thinking about emptying the catalytic converter for perhaps a bit extra torque or some extra ponies. I have luckily no FAP, or DPF, name it as you wish.

Is this something that gets done quite often or rather not? Do or don't? Will the benefits be worth the trouble?

Thanks in advance
What you will gain in power is very very little and not worth the hassle. Also remember the clean air brigade are bringing in more stringent MOT requirements all the time. At the moment for diesels its just a visual check for the cat but in future it wont.

The main thing is you dont have a DPF - enjoy this whilst you can!
Ghetto botch a metal plate to block your EGR valve, then get a 2nd CAT and gut it to release dat powaaa. Simply use the original CAT for vehicle inspection for that 1 day in the year. And if you have the ghetto fabrication skills like muah you can even de-rust it for some extra street cred
Now I would say, enjoy now reving past 4000rpm all the way to the rev limiter like a champ but you drive a diesel so I assume that's your rev limiter Tongue regardless you will definitely see gains and if anything the car will feel rev happy and the L/100km will come down.
My original gameplan was indeed to buy a second hand cat and gutting that one out, keeping the original on the shelf just in case my little workpony will not pass the emisions test. (I'm in Belgium)
I think I'm going to source one and try it. Any advice on how to empty it? Just chissel away on the honeycomb? Wearing protective gear ofc.

EDIT: EGR is blocked of since the first week of ownership btw Smile
I found one locally and immediately went to town with it. It was also the cheapest I could find (€100) and got untorn heat shields with it as an extra.

[Image: 2gv0qpg.jpg]

Emptying it out was pretty easy. Now it is welded shut again and waiting for installment next week. 
I've got an MOT today and they didn't even test the emissions, probably has something to do with it being a 2-seater with cargo space in the back (special MOT and tax system here in Belgium)

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