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New Berlingo owner
Hello Everyone,

 Just bought myself a 2013 (13 plate) Berlingo crew van (90) 1.6 Hdi.

Not really a french car man to be honest but really like this thing lol.

Anyway i'm wanting to do a few mods to the Van, As ill be using it to go up and down to Aberdeen.

Van has come IMO well spec'd A/C, Electric mirrors and caged for the rear.

First Mod will be cruise control which i'll fit my self and then go to the dealers and get it activated........Unless anyone knows anyone in the North East that can activate it for me.

Once I have done that i'm going to fit my Ice to the van as I love my music.
Genesis Dual Mono and 4 channel Amps, Focal 27KX sub and k2p comps and sound deaden the doors. Pictures will be added when done.

Also was thinking of getting the roof rails as they seem like an easy mod to do.

Heres the Van in question.

Thanks Dan

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Hi and welcome,nice looking van,I'm thinking up grading mine soon,
Thanks for the comment, I'm looking at lowering too, Also looking at the DS3 alloy wheels.

Cheers Dan
Hello Dan welcome to the forum good to have you with us Smile keep us up to date with the mods with some pics as well.
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

It's not French, it's Spanish.
Citroen is French, Maybe made in Spain.......which makes it worse, lol. Like the Nissan Duke is made in Sunderland. Don't make it British.............IMO anyway. Smile
I'd say the Nissan Note, Cashcow, Juke and Leaf are British. I think they actually base a lot of the design and development here too, so we're a lot more than metal-bashers. Even a British company, floated on the stock market, could be owned by anyone anywhere in the world, so ownership's pretty irrelevant. Anyone British could buy shares in Nissan if they wanted to. I find that ownership is usually so complex these days that it's simpler just to worry about where it's built.

I'd bet there are people around who still think their Ford is made in Britain. They haven't built a vehicle here since 2013, which was the Transit. They haven't built any cars here since 2002. They still make engines and gearboxes here though, plus they design stuff, but you can't call any Ford British any more.

The 2018 Berlingo will also be made in Spain, and will also be badged as a Vauxhall/Opel Combo. So what nationality would the new Combo be? It's definitely not French, so you can't say the Berlingo is either.

Plus, to me, it doesn't "feel" French - the seats aren't made from bath sponges and it doesn't tip over on corners.
My old Vauxhall combo had 1.7d Isuzu engine in it,? ,does that make it Japanese, or English??
Well started on my amp rack today which will be located under the passenger seat.......

More to follow 

Also had the van remapped what a big difference its made...........

Cheers Dan

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You'll blow the bloody doors off with that.

Posh amp plus proper craftsmanship, very nice.

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