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BSI / ECU / EGR / DPF = Arrrrrg
I was just reading a thread about a 1.9D in an M49 where there was talk of a (possibly) misbehaving BSI or ECU.

(BSI = Body Systems Interface Confused )

I have never yet owned, and would like to avoid vehicles that have all this complicated stuff to go wrong (BSI / ECU / EGR / DPF etc). I don't want to have to pay a dealer to "plug it in" to find out why it's not starting, or has gone into "limp mode". Plus I don't want to be forking out large sums for replacing EGR's or DPF's (or turbos for that matter).

I know (I think) that the M49 and M59 don't have DPF's and I am guessing the plain old 1.9D doesn't have an EGR (does it??).

I'm in the process of selling my 31 year old VW T25 Tin-Top camper van to avoid having to do as much in the way of repairs as a vehicle like that inevitable requires.. I am now of an age, and living where I do, that I need summat that is VERY reliable.

So, I am now leaning towards an M59 with the plain 1.9D (or perhaps a tidy M49) in the hope that they are simple to diagnose and fix.

Am I being over cautious ?
Regards to all,
John - (2005 2.0HDi with Modutop roof, mini camper).

Another Club 80-90 member who can't be arsed with T25s anymore?  Smile A late model 1.9D will suit you down to the ground. I used to own one, slow old technology diesel that will run for 200k miles or more. You will love it. Just make sure cambelt has been changed at 80k miles interval.
It's a shame the Berlingo never got the XUD 1.9 Turbo Diesel engine, that was a great engine and very reliable with no real electronics to speak of.
My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
(05-10-2016, 01:44 PM)Opensauce Wrote:  Another Club 80-90 member who can't be arsed with T25s anymore?  Smile

You are dead right !!


When you say "late model", what year range are you thinking?
Regards to all,
John - (2005 2.0HDi with Modutop roof, mini camper).

when daughter pinched the wifes pug 306 1.9 d we got a citroen picasso 2.0hdi, fine till the engine management light came on and sent it into limp mode.... computer diagnostics will only diagnose what the geeks have programmed into the software... summit wrong in the fuel system ...injectors hundred quid a piece got to be fitted by the garage and programmed into the cars computer.... still got the intermittant fault.
i scrapped it and bought a 1.9 d berlingo. in 3 years weve spent less on it than on failing to find the fault on the picasso.

were now running a 99 transit 2.5 d , 98 fourtrak 2.8td , 02 berlingo  1.9d,  daughters 98 pug 306 1.9d and sons 97 pug 306 1.9td  they see the garage for the mot,     transit and fourtrak will cost money on welding, but anything comparable newer will have computers and still need welding .    the pugs and the berlingo dont seem to suffer from rot in the same way.

if the rot on tranny became terminal id seriously consider downsizing to a 1.9d pug expert, its not really big enough but i can tow a horsebox with the fourtak when i really need the space.    anything newer transit size still rots.

brother in law has borrowed the fourtrak for the last fortnight cos the computer on his modern ford focus is playing up...rather than spending on a new computer hes going to lease a new 40k toyota... just hoping the ford keeps running to drive to the garage to collect  the toyota  tomorrow, then its their problem.    i wouldnt want to be a garage taking in pex cars now
When fuel injection took over from carburettors many people were worried that they could never work on their engine again.

I do however think that the age of the diesel is coming to an end for everyday cars, with all the add ons needed to bring emmisions down to acceptable levels.
I think you're correct about diesels coming to an end for everyday cars.

They have already started the stealth tax on them, Islington Council charge £96 per year extra for a residential parking permit if the vehicle is a diesel.

And with the onset of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London I think the writing is on the wall for diesels.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 

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