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better late than never, NEW 16 Plate Blue100 hdi chiller van
Well what can i say, after 3 great years with our 63 plate chiller van (90ps) getting up to 147,000 pretty much trouble free miles.
We have bought another one , this one being a 16 plate Blue100 semi-auto, only had it 10 weeks and we have gone over the 10,000 miles mark,

Pictures to follow soon . 
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
That 3 years flew by.I would be interested to know your thoughts on the transmission.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
so far all good, much prefer it in manual mode, if trying to get a swift move on it has a habit of dropping a gear putting you out of the power zone into 4000RPM of the gear below in A, in M it only drops if you do foot to floor past the natural point of full throttle theres a stiffer bit past it,

couple things, do they have smaller fuel tanks on the ADBlue models etc

here are some pictures

[Image: ED76484E-CA08-4EED-9C0D-23F6D9EC12FF_zpsa2dkjbdz.jpg]
[Image: 0E20596C-7E74-4FC1-B675-2262936275CE_zpse9witcnq.jpg]
[Image: BDCF3E22-5CAA-4DA7-B61B-0D78AD3F04DF_zps5pbdoiqt.jpg]

shes up to 11,000 now and all going well, better on fuel than the 5 speed 90 but i'm driving it hard atm lol busy busy

on the plus the auto boxed van is weighted at 1980KG so can do 70 everywhere heaven hha

63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
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  • ron
(20-10-2016, 09:56 AM)doofer Wrote:  You sound like you're in a lot more of a hurry than me.

yeah, you could say that, paid salary and no paid overtime, but always over my hours lol so i buzz about in my vans, upto the speed limit, we have trackers that track speed etc so wouldn't speed etc

love how i can now do 70 on dual carriageways, as we have no motorways here in east anglia
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
just a little picture of the little fleet

[Image: BF121E24-E57D-43DC-9AC9-5B2CF113D8D8_zps0xgejoba.jpg]
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
Well, it had to happen, i drive 70,000+mls a year, and no our luck ran out.....

[Image: B835A9D4-FEBF-432F-9408-59F558CB7F0B_zpsncstqquy.jpg]
[Image: 9C26FE69-AA90-45B6-A46C-4068EF3F1C11_zpsxmlppt6m.jpg]
[Image: 88BC9763-89F1-4E15-A6ED-13E274FAAD07_zpsihgujpoz.jpg]
[Image: 883DD51A-43F3-43C4-A290-C7016C49CC64_zpshabhqa74.jpg]
[Image: B18D13A2-38CE-44E9-AAEB-FD80FB7E30FB_zps7e9nzftj.jpg]

currently at a crash centre, assessing whether it's to be written off or not, it didn't drive to well on the way back to HQ, cruise control didn't work ,  and worse than the fact i really liked the 24,000mls since September is my neck is killing me and im in this massive thing!!
 [Image: 101BB03C-B0CC-4A3C-90CA-2C0B317E278A_zpsghek71w2.jpg]
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
Glad you're ok apart from whiplash maybe. You were hit at speed though judging by the photos.
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  • Andre
Wow that a decent ammount of damage! Need to keep a close eye on your neck now you could well have some damage there?

Hope you get everything sorted soon - its never nice when you have a RTI especially when its not your fault.
yeah i have a physio assessment on my neck Monday, 111 told me to go up the hospital which i did, I've sprained my neck.. the thing is I've checked back on the dash cam and i was doing 40 still when she hit me, so glad i wasn't stopped
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
(28-01-2017, 10:23 AM)ATL_driver Wrote:  yeah i have a physio assessment on my neck Monday, 111 told me to go up the hospital which i did, I've sprained my neck..  the thing is I've checked back on the dash cam and i was doing 40 still when she hit me,  so glad i wasn't stopped

Blimey - if you were doing 40, how fast must she have been going, to make a dent that big?  The general visability weather-wise looks ok in the photos.
2013 XTR 1.6 HDi 90


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