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Heater works but fan doesn't 1.9d
Hello does anybody have any ideas what will likely fix my fan in my van heater?

Its coming up to having cold weather and with no fan I have to wait ages for van to heat up for the screen to clear.

Any ideas and is it likely to be an expensive fix?
2001 1.9D 800 160000
It could be fuse gone or the fan motor seized up, does it work on any speed? if it only works on full blast it is usually the fan resistor pack. Its fairly easy to get at up under the dash on the passenger side towards the centre.
There has been a few posts on here about motor spindles seizing up some just freed them up others just got a replacement from a breakers.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
No it doesn't work on any speed mate... but warm air definitely does come out when I get chugging along.

Looking to generally tidy 'bazza' (the van) up a bit as I sold my car and this is currently my only mode of transport. Picking up some saxo vtr alloys up at the weekend and one of my advisories on the last MOT was corroded springs so might get some sensible lowering springs for the front say 35 - 40mm.

Another problem I have which is a wierd one is when it pi$$es it down water comes in through my interior light!! The light still works though!! Any ideas? Don't want to resort to silliconing every single nook and cranny just yet!

So in short.... My heater fan doesn't work, Van leaks through interior light and cd player wiring is a nightmare and radio doesn't work. Oh and I have a knocking noise coming from the nearside when I turn quite sharpish which I was going to get the garage to look at. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

I also said I would update when I racked out the van and didn't so here it is!

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2001 1.9D 800 160000
Water in the interior light is usually the ariel seal leaking, knocking at the front may be the top mounting of the spring.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Yeah aerial needs silicone. Fan try a direct supply to it if still no good it's ballsed only 35 quid for a new one

Got a new fan and now have a nice toasty heater! sorted the knocking out,

Sorted the stereo wiring out but still cannot get the radio to work (i think it is the aerial connectors)

Got some VTR alloys they make the van look miles better.

Now I have a problem starting my van when it hasn't been going for a while. Instead of the starter motor constantly turning the motor over until it fires, It just cuts out. Do i need a new starter motor or does it need something else?
2001 1.9D 800 160000
How easy a job is it to change the fan motor, as mine has got noisy bearings?

I've been told that you disconnect the wiring, then it's just a few screws holding it in and then it pulls out.

As long as there's no need to strip the dashboard out, then I'll change mine. Otherwise, I'll live with the noise.
You want to sort the leaky roof aerial out as the water finds its way into the more exotic components and can be expensive !

Roof lining in a van is easy to remove unlike a car, should be able to get the radio working at the same time as a bonus.

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