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Fitting rear sensors to Multispace XTR-Can anyone advise me re:-correct position/measurements for fitting rear sensors as I dont want to drill bumper and discover hidden struts, cable etc.Confusedtudy:
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
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  • taxi
thanks , that helps as now there won't be any nasty surprises waiting for me and can drill in confidence-just need to buy the sensors now!!! Can you tell me the height also,thanks.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
too dark to see now, will check tomoro, assuming I get it back from garage....going in for noisy front suspension and door rattle again under warranty.
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
A rather shameless plug, i have these parking sensors with a slight difference, you get a distance readout in your rear view. Just drop me a PM if interested, pics are below.

New, never fitted. Bought with the intention.

[Image: 7YA7C.jpg]
[Image: BQPty.jpg]
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  • raadio13
Hi ya, Just got my XTR EGS6 Airdream about 3 weeks ago decided to fit Reversing sensores as I had Fitted them on My old Xara Picasso,s, If you look underneath behind the rear Bumper on the Berlingo (you will need a good tourch) you can see the Cut out Circle for the Sensors in the Middle of the bumper you will see 2 Long Slots, Look carefully into the slots and you will see the Outline of the hole to be cut for the two middle sensors, Look Oposite the rear wheels again the inside of the bumper you will see the Other 2 outline of the other Sensors where the Are fillted, Just use a sharp pointer and work from the inside of the bumper located the middle of all the Circilar Sensor markings and try to mark the center pushing on your sharp pointer hard enough so you can see the Point to drill on the rear Bumper, take off the R/H rear lamp to get access to the reversing lamps, the cables from the sensors comes from all sensors on the inside of your bumber through the hole that the rear light connector is, if you take the Boot Light/ tourch holder out, you can get access to the cables that way, I mounted my Reversing sensor unit behind there using dual sided tape as it cannot be screwed.

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  • johnnie48, taxi
where you have the indentation shape on rear bumper , from top of that indentation it is 2" up to center of hole needed to be cut. Sorry for delay, only picked up my car from dealer yesterday after warranty work[ see suspension thread / rattles]. You have other measurements, just in case you cant see from behind.
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
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  • taxi
You have have to look hard with a light as the Hole profile is Etched on the Inside of the rear bumper, look for the 2 long slots first in the middle of the bumper they do stand out a bit..

will measure mine and post back on here..
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  • taxi

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