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To flush or not to flush
Taking into consideration the 1.6 hdi's known issues of the sump not completely draining and the turbo oil pick up blocking, what are members thoughts and experiences of using a engine oil flush treatment when changing the oil ?

While we are on the subject any thoughts on National tyre services who can do a oil (Titan GT1 Pro C-2 5W-30) PSA approved 

and filter change with flush for £46.11 using a code dev125 for 10% off, when looking on eBay the oil was £33 delivered.

All input welcomed


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Thanks Doofer , any opinions on nationwide and the Fuchs oil anyone ?

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Fully agree with doofer, just change the oil and filter more often. I've not used Fuchs oil personally but if it meets the specs it will be ok. Some insist on the recommended Total oil, I use Mobil 1 ESP as it was a good price. I'm sure you are aware of fitting the new filter correctly.

Remember that Opie oils sponsor us, add the code BERLINGO at checkout for a discount.
I was thinking of letting Nationwide do it as the price is so good and they are Google certified which means £1000 cover of they botch it, however , I could live without the grief of having to claim or looking for a replacement, they have a good trust pilot score , a similar fixed price Citroen oil change is over double the cost.

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I've taken two cars to Nationwide in the past for oil changes and they damaged them both by stripping the threads on the sump plugs. I'd not trust them to start a fire in a match factory.

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That settles it then, I'll avoid !
I wish I could hire a ramp for half a day and do it myself ! Even if ended up costing more, I'd enjoy doing it and knowing it was OK.
My days of crawling around on the floor are pretty much over !

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If you're anywhere near Reading bring it over to my house and I'll do it for you. It'll give me something to do on one of my many days off shift Smile

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Thanks for the kind offer, it's a bit far , but it might be possible as I would love to learn how to do it from someone who knows what they are doing.


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Thanks for the input guys.


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(16-10-2016, 04:59 PM)doofer Wrote:  I've done my homework and have decided not to bother servicing it myself. The oil filter cover is visible from the top of the engine, but you'd need Mister Tickle's arms and eyes that could see round corners to change it from above. The sump plug is behind a plastic undertray that doesn't seem to have an access flap. It looks like the air filter's buried under a mountain of parts that need to be removed, as it's almost under the windscreen, and even the fuel filter requires access from below, together with special tools and a long procedure.

So I've decided I'd rather hand a few quid over to a good indie garage with a ramp once a year than mess about trying to do all this on my drive. I guess this is the price we pay for having something with a stumpy little bonnet - everything has to be tucked away. Or perhaps it's just that DIY servicing of anything is becoming history these days.

Blimey !! sounds like hell on the later models !! .... my earlier 1.6Hdi isn't like that at all when looking down from the top, admittedly the undertray needs removing for the first time but afterwards it is no issue - on mine I cut an access hole for the sump plug and fitted a Q/D cover plate hinged on one side with a single fixing screw on the other.

I recently serviced my car with this setup - oil, oil filter and air filter - and total time taken including tidy up, putting the tools away and disposing of the waste oil was 40 mins - all this with a " bad back " which means I'll work slower than normal. I expect this time to be reduced on the next service. My last C15D used to take 15 mins max including cleanup etc.

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