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Crap Wiper Blades And Clunk On Brakes
Hello all

I have a 2016 multispace and the windscreen wipers are awful, anyone else noticed this? They smear the screen even when its spotless

I've noticed a clunk when braking at low speeds, feels like a suspension bush to me but not sure. I've noticed brake squeal too. The car has done 5000 miles, I will take it back to Citroen when I get a min, I just hope they don't give me the Cactus I had last time


My 2014 came with smeary wiper blades from new too. I tried some Trico ones but they juddered, in the end I bought Bosch ones and they're perfect. I try not to be brand-loyal, but every time I've tried buying anything other than Bosch I end up going back to them.

Mine had suspension clunks when new, quite loud too. It went away on its own in my case, although of course it could be completely different on yours.

I found after the first year that the outer edges of the front tyres were getting scrubbed. I got an alignment done and it was way out. I'm guessing that something needed to settle into place, after which the alignment went out. It's fine now - no clunks and no chewed up tyres, plus the wipers work too.
I always buy Bosch wiper blades as they are more than worth the bit extra that you pay for them.
Glad to hear its not just mine 

I will get it booked into Citroen to see whats what

Can't fault the car apart from these issues

Not bad considering its a van underneath

Pulls my caravan no problem, getting the towbar fitted was a nightmare. The supplier kept sending the L1 version despite me and the installer telling them to send the other one

The fella at the storage site fitted it, he apologised for charging so much. I wasn't bothered seeing as how he was charging nearly £200 less than other places. He threw in the dedicated electrics for messing me about too
I saw Bosch's wiper blade factory on "How It's Made" or something similar on the Quest TV channel. They had a huge testing rig where they could clamp in one of their vast library of actual car windscreens and wiper arms then fit their blades and leave them running while water sprayed onto them for hours, while they checked that they wiped smoothly and didn't miss any patches.

I'd imagine that the testing at some other factories consists of little more than measuring them to make sure they're the right length. I'm not normally a fan of premium brand stuff, but it does seem that Bosch make a lot more effort for the bit extra they charge.

The driver's side one is pretty long, so you're asking a lot of it for an aero-blade not to judder - there's a lot of force involved, especially when it's just a bit wet. I found that this was when the Trico ones made a poopy noise and left a load of lines behind. I changed them before they even got worn. They weren't even cheap either - perhaps a pound or two less than Bosch, but I won't buy them again.
Rain X makes a world of difference to the juddering wiper blade
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(18-10-2016, 09:44 AM)Tree Wrote:  Rain X makes a world of difference to the juddering wiper blade
That's probably why mine don't judder.I apply monthly.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
No judder, no fancy chemicals. Just keep it clean and have decent Bosch wiper blades. I also use highly advanced screenwash, made from tap water and a squirt of Value washing up liquid.

Actually, I have a bottle of RainX in the garage that I've never tried. I might try it if I remember one day.
You'll be converted once you do. It's also excellent for stopping bugs sticking to the screen.

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2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.
(18-10-2016, 09:44 AM)Tree Wrote:  Rain X makes a world of difference to the juddering wiper blade

I had some juddering wiper blades and found that turning them over (fitting them the other way up) cured it. My theory was they would judder on the way down instead of the way up but they didn't judder at all.
So where does this bit go then ?

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